Our Commitment to Diversity

The Ohio State University College of Public Health is committed to ensuring an environment where all are welcomed and respected.

We create awareness about issues of diversity and health that are socially constructed. We actively support the college’s efforts to create a public health workforce that reflects the diversity in our world, is culturally competent and prepared to address health disparities, and makes meaningful contributions to public health.  We create safe spaces and serve as a channel to have difficult and meaningful conversations about issues of diversity and inclusion. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our work, our classrooms and our actions. Our faculty, staff and students are models of this commitment across the university, the community and to our fellow public health institutions and prospective employers.

http://issuu.com/publichealthbuckeyes/docs/healthsci-divbroch-2014_web/1?e=0Ohio State believes in the power of a diverse community to drive high quality patient outcomes.  To read more about Ohio State's commitment to diversity throught all seven of our health science colleges, click on our Diversity in Health Sciences Recruitment Flipbook.






Multicultural Public Health Student Association
This CPH student association supports a safe environment where everyone has the ability to experience, learn, and embrace a tangible meaning of diversity. It also serves as a catalyst for culturally competent leadership that enhances health outcomes for all.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee 
This College of Public Health committee promotes activities that help to enhance awareness of all forms of diversity within and around the college. Diversity and Inclusion Committee members include College of Public Health faculty, staff and students. Click here for a printable version of this information.

 CPH participants at the 2014 Diversity Symposium 

Mission: …creating awareness of and response to issues of diversity and inclusion through education and experience

Vision: We are models of diversity for all we encounter





Office of Diversity and Inclusion (including campus events, news, and student spotlights)

Office of Student Life Multicultural Center

Ohio State policy on discrimination

Office for Disability Services

Diversity at Ohio State (including academics, centers, scholarships, students organizations, plans, policies, programs, reports, and additional resources

The Women's Place 

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Diversity Committee members represented their uniqueness
through this drawing exercise during a meeting


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