Careers in Health Service Management and Policy

All of our educational programs offer students a vast array of practical job experiences, research opportunities and professional services to enhance career development. Our network of alumni is supportive of current students and offers our graduates lifetime networking opportunities. Over 95% of our graduates obtain full-time professional positions upon graduation.

Positions available to new graduates depend in part on their prior experience. In the last three years, our graduates have begun their careers in many settings, including these organizations:

  • Texas Children's Hospital, Houston
  • Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia
  • University of North Carolina Health Care System, Chapel Hill
  • Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Chicago
  • Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
  • Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco
  • Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.
  • U. S. Air Force, Santa Barbara, Calif.
  • Ohio Health Plans (Ohio Medicaid), Columbus
  • Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
  • VA Healthcare, Los Angeles, Calif.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care provided 14 million jobs in 2006 - 13.6 million jobs for wage and salary workers and about 438,000 jobs for the self-employed. Seven of the 20 fastest growing occupations are health care related. Health care will generate 3 million new wage and salary jobs between 2006 and 2016, more than any other industry.

Clearly, careers in health administration will be at the forefront of that employment growth.

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