Excellence in Teaching Award

pennell teaching award


The Excellence in Teaching Award is intended to recognize College of Public Health faculty members for exemplary performance in the teaching mission of the College.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible, faculty members must have a continuing salaried appointment in the College of Public Health (adjunct/lecturer faculty are not eligible).  In addition, the individual must not have won the award in the previous five years.

Criteria for Nomination

Excellence in teaching has many dimensions, and may manifest itself very differently in each discipline.  The criteria surely include the effectiveness of the teacher in communicating with the student and inspiring the student’s interest in the subject.  Beyond that, we believe that the criteria should be left unspecified, to allow nominations to highlight the qualities that are most important in each case.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be submitted by students, faculty members, or alumni of the College of Public Health, and may come from individuals or groups. It may include additional statements of support from other individuals or groups.

Selection Committee and Process

The Selection Committee is composed of the three most recent recipients of the award, plus one student from each division and/or specialization in the College of Public Health.  The student representatives will be chosen by the students within each division.  For each nomination, the committee will request a curriculum vitae, a letter from the division chair concerning the individual’s teaching contributions, and copies of student evaluations of courses for the last three years. Using this additional information, the committee will select a single person for the award.

Excellence in Teaching Award Past Recipients

Michael Pennell, Biostatistics 2014
Abigail Shoben,  Biostatistics 2013
Armando Hoet, Veterinary Public Health 2012
Rebecca Andridge,  Biostatistics 2011
Eric Seiber, Health Services Management & Policy 2010
John “Mac” Crawford, Environmental Health Sciences 2009
Xin He 2008
Amy Ferketich, Epidemiology 2007
Sandra Tanenbaum, Health Services Management & Policy 2006
Ann McAlearney, Health Services Management & Policy 2005
Steven Loebs, Health Services Management & Policy 2004
Randall Harris, Epidemiology 2003
Randi Love, Health Behavior and Health Promotion, PEP 2002

Questions about the Nomination process? Contact Kynthia Droesch at droesch.4@osu.edu

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