Templates to Support Accreditation

The Center, in partnership with public health practitioners at the state and local levels, has developed several templates to support overall agency improvement efforts as well as address accreditation-related documentation requirements.  Each template includes an associated user guide. Please see the table below for a list of available templates.


Templates Links

 Workforce Development Plan


WDP Template

WDP User Guide

Quality Improvement Plan

QI Plan Template

QI Template User Guide

Competency-based Job Descriptions

Job Description Template

Job Description User Guide

(Note: Use of these templates does not guarantee PHAB compliance.)

Questions? Contact Melissa Sever at msever@cph.osu.edu or 614-292-2047.

Special thanks to the following partners for contributing to the development of these templates:

WFD Plan Development Team: Terry Allen (Cuyahoga County Board of Health); Debora Branham and Luz Allende (Ohio Department of Health); Kim Polen, Stephanie Charles, Ray Romero and Pat Kubel (Lorain County General Health District); Beth Ransopher and Laurie Dietsch (Columbus Public Health); Matt Stefanak (Mahoning County Board of Health); Joanne Pearsol and Melissa Sever (OSU Center for Public Health Practice).

QI Plan Development Team:  Luz Allende (Ohio Department of Health); Greg Arnette (Hancock County Health Department); Chad Brown (Licking County Health Department); Nick Cascarelli (Carroll County Health Department); Stephanie Charles (Lorain County General Health District); Laurie Dietsch (Columbus Public Health);  Doug Fisher  (Hocking County Health Department); Beverly Huth (Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department); Joan Kline (Putnam County Health Department); Beth Pierson (Franklin County Public Health); Beth Schweitzer (Williams County Health Department); Barb Wilhelm (Findlay City Health Department); Findlay City Health Department; Joanne Pearsol and Melissa Sever (facilitators, OSU Center for Public Health Practice).

Job Description Development Team:  Beth Ransopher, Kevin Williams, Tracy Poling, Laurie Dietsch and Kristen Miele (Columbus Public Health); Rosemary Chaudry, Angie Breckler, Amy Whitney, and Temi Doremso (Delaware General Health District); Beth Pierson and Todd Hansen (Franklin County Public Health); Debora Branham and Cherene Watkins (Ohio Department of Health); Melissa Sever (facilitator, OSU Center for Public Health Practice)

Funding for these projects were provided by the National Association of City and County Health Officials through Columbus Public Health (job description template) as well as the Ohio Public Health Training Center located in the College of Public Health at The Ohio State University; grant number UB6HP20203, from the Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS, Public Health Training Center Program. Contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of HRSA. 

Workforce Development & Quality Improvement Planning Workshop

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