• Medicaid Modernization and the Changing Landscape of Healthcare presented by John McCarthy, State Medicaid Director

  • Dr. Anne Taylor

    Culminating project results in $35,000 grant

  • Liz Klein

    Liz Klein accomplishes her goal of running half marathons in half of the 50 states.

  • Thanks to the FDA, for the first time ever, Americans will know exactly which harmful ingredients tobacco companies pack into cigarettes.

  • The Division of Biostatistics held their annual poster session on September 24.

  • CPH's Randi Foraker, PhD recently present a segment on "visualizing health informatics" at Ohio State’s BRUTx event.

  • There’s a big difference between thinking a policy or a treatment is effective and knowing it will have an impact

  • Children’s ability to learn may be negatively affected by the environment as early as in utero.

  • Fighting Ohio’s Opioid Epidemic presented by Bill Dunlap

  • Students have the opportunity to take a class where they experience firsthand the public health struggles facing the community.

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