Graduate Research Associate in history of global health

Associate Professor of History Thomas McDow is hiring a Graduate Research Associate for 10-25 hours per week at $29.95 per hour for June through August 2022.

The summer associate will conduct research for a project called "Local Histories of Global Health," a historical study of the context of the emergence of HIV/AIDS in eastern Africa. The focus for the research is Tanzania and Uganda in the 1970s and 1980s, both before, during, and after the Tanzania-Uganda War of 1978-79.

The tasks for this summer work will center on collecting and evaluating historical and other literature related to this period. The project is led by Thomas McDow, associate professor, Department of History.
PhD and Masters students at Ohio State with an interest in African history and global health are eligible. Qualified students from across the university are invited to apply.

See flyer (below) for application details.