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Dr. Mary Ellen Wewers and Dr. Peter Shields, 

Co-Principal Investigators


Welcome to the Center for the Advancement of Tobacco Science (CATS) website!

The proposed Ohio State University Center for the Advancement of Tobacco Science (OSU-CATS) is building upon the established infrastructure of the OSU Center of Excellence in Regulatory Tobacco Science (OSU-CERTS).  OSU-CATS is currently being funded through the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center.  

The proposed overall theme of OSU-CATS is to provide real world and complementary experimental scientific evidence to support tobacco control policies that impact tobacco use and risk, specifically considering factors that are market-focused, product-focused and user-focused factors. The OSU-CATS will use 2 longitudinal cohort studies of youth and adults, and 2 human experimental studies, we will assess the impact of these factors on the prevalence of use and individual risk to infer effects on population harm.


In September 2013, Ohio State received an $18.7 million grant to establish and operate The Ohio State University Center of Excellence in Regulatory Tobacco Science (OSU-CERTS).  The overall theme of OSU-CERTS was to understand the reasons for underlying tobacco-product preferences, especially dual and poly-use, and how these reasons influence use, toxic exposure and dependence/cessation, in an environment of ever-changing diverse types of tobacco products.  Findings from OSU-CERTS are helping the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) put science behind its role in regulating tobacco.  

The OSU-CERTS broad research program took into account the biological, psychological, economic and public health implications associated with tobacco use and the industry’s marketing of products to consumers.  Eighteen scientists from six OSU colleges and the Comprehensive Cancer Center (OSU-CCC) composed the core of OSU-CERTS.  In addition, there were collaborators from four other universities and organizations.

OSU-CERTS was one of 14 centers established nationally under a federal initiative, called the Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science program. The National Cancer Institute administered OSU-CERTS funding.  

The Ohio State University, Center of Excellence in Regulatory Tobacco Science (OSU-CERTS), is supported by grant number P50CA180908 from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health and Food and Drug Administration Center for Tobacco Products (CTP). The content in this website is solely the responsibility of OSU-CERTS and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health or the Food and Drug Administration.