Proposed OSU-CATS Projects 

The proposed overall theme of The Ohio State University Center for the Advancement of Tobacco Science (OSU-CATS) is to provide real world and complementary experimental scientific evidence to support tobacco control policies that impact tobacco use and risk, specifically considering factors that are market-focused, product-focused and user-focused. We propose to conduct four studies:

Project 1: The Buckeye Teen and Young Adult Cohort Study
Project Co-Leaders: Amy Ferketich, PhD & Megan Roberts, PhD

Proect 2: The Tobacco User Adult Cohort (TUAC)
Project Co-Leaders: Mary Ellen Wewers, PhD, MPH & Liz Klien, PhD, MPH

Project 3: Experimental Tobacco Marketplace: Testing Regulation and Policies on Product Choice
Project Leader: Warren Bickel, PhD

Project 4: Exposure and Lung Toxicity for Emerging ENDS
Project Co-Leaders: Peter Shields, MD & Mark Wewers, MD

OSU-CERTS Projects, in the final stages: 

Project 1: Urban and Rural Male Youth Cohort Study of Tobacco Use

Project 2: Understanding Adolescent Trajectories, Exposures and Susceptibilities

Project 3: Diversity of Tobacco Products Used and Purchased 

Completed OSU-CERTS Projects: 

Project 4: Comprehension of Health Risks in More and Less Arousing Affective Contexts

SupplementNavigating Information about Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents in Tobacco Products

2014-2015 Pilot Projects 

Comprehension of Health Risks in More and Less Arousing Affective Contexts: Appalachian Sample

Content Analysis and Legal Review of Online E-Cigarette Advertising from Manufacturers, Retailers and Affiliates

Effects of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems on the Oral Microbiome

2015-2016 Pilot Projects

Effects of Electronic Cigarette Use on the Human Lung

Using Functional Neuroimaging to Assess the Reward-Value of Flavored Tobacco Product Advertisements in Adolescents

2016-2017 Pilot Projects
OSU-CERTS Project 3: Biomarker Pilot Study among Adult Urban and Rural Tobacco Product Users

Mouth and Lung Microbiome in Relation to Tobacco Use

A Study of the Environmental Influences of Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking Among Incoming Freshmen

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