Diversity of Tobacco Products Used and Purchased

Patterns of tobacco consumption in the United States have evolved over time, with changes occurring in recent years. Cigarette smoking continues to decline while smokeless tobacco (ST) use is becoming more common, and trends indicate heightened concurrent use of cigarettes and ST, referred to as dual use. Stable estimates about the prevalence of dual use are difficult to ascertain, as studies have used differing operational definitions (i.e. frequency of use and type of tobacco product) to describe the behavior. This project involves a longitudinal characterization of diverse product preferences among a cohort of adults (n=796) who are exclusive smokers, exclusive ST users, and dual users at baseline. The focus of this study includes surveillance of diverse tobacco products consumed among different categories of users, especially with regard to the uptake of new and emerging tobacco products. This study will establish an adult cohort that includes residents of six rural Appalachian counties and residents of Columbus, Ohio. Participants will be interviewed at baseline and every 6 months over a three year period. The project will characterize the diversity of types of tobacco products used.

2016 - 2017 Pilot Project: OSU-CERTS Project 3: Biomarker Pilot Study among Adult Urban and Rural Tobacco Product Users

FDA Research Priorities Addressed

  • What are the tobacco-use behaviors of individuals using new and emerging tobacco products, including the multiple tobacco use behaviors?
  • What are the cognitive and affective factors (e.g. perceptions, attitudes, beliefs) associated with the use of new and emerging tobacco products? How does product marketing influence behaviors related to tobacco product use?
  • What is the impact of price promotions (including free samples and discounted products) on consumer behavior for various tobacco products and on individuals in various stages of quitting or contemplating quitting?

Project Leadership and Staff

Project Leader

Mary Ellen Wewers, PhD
Professor, College of Public Health
The Ohio State University




Other Investigators

Project Staff

  • Sarah Cooper, MPH, Program Manager, College of Public Health, The Ohio State University

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