Urban and Rural Male Youth Cohort Study of Tobacco Use

The focus of this project is on youth initiators of smokeless tobacco (ST) and dual use of ST and cigarettes, and the marketing, advertising and other environmental factors that may contribute to initiation. Smokeless tobacco products include chewing tobacco, snuff, and snus, as well as the emerging dissolvable products. The rate of ST use among high school males in Ohio is nearly twice as high as the national rate. Moreover, two-thirds of ST users also smoke, and about one-third of smokers also use ST. With new snus products on the market and the shift in snus marketing that now targets urban users and smokers, youth may be even more likely to initiate ST and dual use.

This project will establish a cohort of rural (the Appalachian region of Ohio) and urban (Columbus, Ohio) male youth, ages 11-16, and their families, to examine ST and dual use initiation over 3 years. This project will focus on environmental factors that may lead to ST and dual use initiation, such as retail outlet density and exposure to tobacco marketing. Other related measures will include cognitive and affective reactions youth have to tobacco advertising and smoking media literacy, or a youth’s ability to critically evaluate media messages.

The goal is to examine these marketing-related factors as predictors of ST and dual use initiation and compare them between rural and urban youth.

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FDA Research Priorities Addressed

  • Use of new and emerging products.
  • Cognitive and affective factors associated with new and emerging products.
  • Factors that influence appeal of tobacco.
  • Cognitive and affective factors associated with use of ST products.
  • Nature and extent of tobacco discussions in nontraditional venues.
  • Impact of marketing through social media.
  • Impact of marketing of different types of ST products on vulnerable populations, such as youth and women.

Buckeye Teen Health Study Undergraduate Capstone Project Presenters, April 2017

Project Leadership and Staff

Project Leader

Amy Ferketich, PhD 
Professor, College of Public Health
The Ohio State University




Other Investigators

Project Staff

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