EHS Seminar Series

The EHS Seminar Series takes place on Mondays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:25 p.m. in room 180 of Cunz Hall. All EHS students and faculty are encouraged to attend.  

Note: Students enrolled in PUBHEHS 7899 and 8899 are required to attend and must sign the attendance sheet.

Room Description
8/28/17 Cunz Hall, 180

Kerry Ard, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Environment and Natural Resources, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, OSU
Environmental Inequality- Causes and Consequences  
9/4/17   Labor Day, no classes, offices closed.
9/11/17 Cunz Hall, 180 Phillip A. Tibbs, CEO-President, TIS, Inc. (Tibbs Info. Systems, Inc.) The Howard Arthur Tibbs lecture -Citizen, Musician, Air Forces and Tuskegee Airman, A Part of the “Greatest Generation”



Cunz Hall, 160 (3-4pm)

Matt Campen, PhD, Professor, College of Pharmacy, Health Sciences Center, The University of New Mexico   Cardiopulmonary Consequences of Respirable Dusts Derived from Uranium Mines on the Navajo Nation
9/18/17 Cunz Hall, 180

Zuzana Bohrerov, PhD, Assoc. Director, OWRC, Civil, Environmental & Geodetic Engineering, OSU  Engineer’s perspective on microbial control in water

 9/25/17 Cunz Hall, 180

 Angela Dawson, MS, MRC, LPC, Executive Director, Ohio Commission on Minority Health  Addressing Health Disparities and Achieving Equity

 10/2/17 Cunz Hall, 180  Steve Oghumu, PhD, Research Scientist, Division of Environmental Health Sciences, College of Public Health, OSU  Exploiting Host Immunity and Nutrition in Cancer Prevention and Treatment
 10/9/17 Cunz Hall, 180

 Janelle Ricks, PhD, Assistant Professor Division of Health Behavior and Health Promotion, College of Public Health, OSU  Risky Sex and Identity Congruence in Transgender Women


 No seminar, Autumn Break 10/12-10/13

 10/23/17 Cunz Hall, 180

 Barbara Kowalcyk, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, CFAES, OSU  Risk-based Food Safety: The Key to Preventing Foodborne Disease


Cunz Hall,180

 11/6/17 Cunz Hall, 180

 Karen Patricia Williams, PhD, Nursing Distinguished Professor of Women's Health, Director, Center for Women, Children & Youth, College of Nursing, OSU

 11/13/17 Cunz Hall, 180

 EHS 6315 student poster presentations

 11/20/17 Cunz Hall, 180

 EHS student culminating project 


Cunz Hall, 180 EHS student culminating project 


Cunz Hall, 180  EHS student culminating project