MPH Preceptor Resources

Students are excited to work hard and create results; they want a practicum opportunity that will aid their long- term professional development and connect their classroom learning with the real world of public health.

Are you interested in becoming a preceptor? Watch this short video to learn more.

Preceptor Orientation presentation

Preceptor Requirements

  • Commit time to mentor and supervise students
  • MPH degree is encouraged but not required
  • Develop meaningful experiences and projects for students that tie into the public health curriculum and competencies
  • Mentor, coach and supervise students 
  • Provide constructive feedback and address areas of improvement
  • Integrate the student into the organization through meetings, conferences and networking events
  • Connect the student to others in the organization
  • Revisit learning objectives and competencies and discuss what the student has learned

Steps to host a practicum student

  1. Familiarize yourself with the MPH program and its degree requirements
  2. Review the MPH competencies
  3. Identify a project at your organization for the student to complete
  4. Complete the position description form
  5. Interview interested students that contact you 

Tips for completing the position description form:

  • Describe your organization and practicum opportunity 
  • List specific responsibilities 
  • Include necessary qualifications, skills and abilities and level of technical knowledge needed 
  • List if paid or unpaid and if transportation is needed


Additional details can be found in the Preceptor Handbook.