COVID-19 in Ohio: Helping to Understand and Alter the State’s Curve

Mark Weir
Apr. 13, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

The Sustainability Institute is joining with the Infectious Diseases Institute and the College of Public Health to offer this COVID-19 presentation with Professor Mark Weir as he shares his expertise on the science behind COVID-19 predictions and forecasting.

Weir is a director of the Ecology Epidemiology and Population Health Program of the Infectious Diseases Institute and a core faculty member of the Sustainability Institute. As part of an Ohio State COVID-19 modeling response team, Weir is assisting Ohio leaders with assessing the steps in reopening the state and modeling how to mitigate risks to healthcare workers. Open discussion with attendees will follow his presentation, during which he’ll explain how the models are formulated to advise state leaders on preparations and risks. He’ll update us on the latest shape of the coronavirus infection rate curve and predictions of its peak, and he’ll tell us what Ohioans should focus on right now to flatten the curve.

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