Research and Innovation Showcase 2021

Apr. 15, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Join us virtually for this annual celebration of the impacts of research and creative inquiry at The Ohio State University and beyond. Assistant Professor Julianna Nemeth is one of featured researchers who will share a spotlight talk.

Co-hosted by the Office of Research and Corporate Engagement Office, the Research and Innovation Showcase will provide an opportunity to hear directly from senior leadership about research and innovation achievements, as well as plans for the enterprise moving forward. Researchers will share inspiring spotlight talks, and the event will culminate in the awarding of Ohio State’s Innovators of the Year.
Spotlight talk overview:
Brain injury, caused by either direct force brain trauma or oxygen deprivation through choking and strangulation, is an unrecognized public health epidemic impacting the most vulnerable populations in our society including domestic violence survivors, homeless youth, and pregnant and parenting women. Dr. Nemeth’s community-based participatory action research with Rachel Ramirez and others at the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, over the past three years, has brought this issue to light. The discovery that undetected and undiagnosed brain injury impacts over 8 in 10 domestic violence survivors seeking services in Ohio has led to the creation of an enhanced advocacy approach called CARE to equip advocates with tools to directly address head injury and common co-morbid issues in community settings. In addition, our findings have spurred conversations among brain injury and health disparities researchers working from bench to bedside, and from clinic to community, about the urgency to understand from a transdisciplinary perspective more about abuse inflicted brain injury and its connection to major social ills, including preterm birth, the opioid epidemic, and cycles of abuse and poverty. Our partnership and research has received university, state, country and international attention.

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