Tools of the Trade: Animal Models: Beyond the Mouse

Tuesday, July 23 8:00 am
Biomedical Research Tower, room 115
460 W. 12th Avenue
The Center for Clinical & Translational Science and the Blue Buffalo Veterinary Clinical Trials Office presents “Tools of the Trade: Animal Models: Beyond the Mouse.”

Rodent models are an important resource in translational therapeutics research, but they aren’t the only way to study disease in the preclinical setting. In fact, a variety of animal models exist that can augment your research to answer targeted questions or facilitate scaling up to larger organisms. At this program, you will hear from researchers at Ohio State and Nationwide Children’s Hospital who work with a variety of animals, including zebrafish, sheep, and pigs. You will learn about the advantages of studying naturally occurring disease in companion animals. Comparative aspects of Animal Pathology and unique regulatory and ethical considerations for each species will also be addressed to help the attendee to explore the use of alternative animal models for their disease research.


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