Classrooms and Computer Labs

Cunz Hall Classrooms

Each classroom is equipped with the following:

  • Access to a PC for teaching
  • Auxiliary inputs for laptops/tablets
  • Document camera
  • Smart Podium touchscreens
  • LCD projector(s)
  • Lecture recording capabilities through Mediasite
  • DVD/Blu-ray player

If you ever need assistance with using this equipment, please feel free to contact CPH IS at supportatcph [dot] osu [dot] edu


There are two Public Health Informatics Labs (PHIL) located in Cunz Hall, room 230 and room 330. Each lab contains 30 Windows PCs and are setup for both teaching and general use. Use of the labs is restricted to CPH faculty, staff, and students, although OSU classes may at times be assigned in room 330. These labs are not university public computing labs.

To report a problem or request help using the lab, stop by the IS Office in room 360 Cunz or email supportatcph [dot] osu [dot] edu.

Standard Equipment

Each lab contains 30 Dell workstations with Intel Core i3 processors and 4GB of memory running Windows 7. There are also two high volume, black and white laser printers located in each lab.


Each lab contains a teaching podium with a PC and laptop connection for use with the overhead projector. They also have a PA system with wireless microphones and a remote operated camera connected to our Mediasite system for lecture recording. The camera and PA systems are linked between the two labs so a single instructor can teach a 60 seat class hosted in both rooms simultaneously. A large LCD TV provides the instructor with views of both rooms. To reserve the lab for a class, please email supportatcph [dot] osu [dot] edu.

Available Software

  • OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
  • Publisher
  • Outlook

Statistical Packages

  • STATA 12
  • SAS 9.2
  • Minitab
  • SPSS Statistics 19
  • R
  • JMP
  • Lockdown Browser (required for taking quizzes via Carmen)
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome with Flash and all popular plugins
  • iTunes and Windows Media Players


Printing is provided free of charge to CPH students. Print usage is monitored and a student's lab privileges may be revoked for excessive or inappropriate use of the printers. Each printing account is reset at the begining of each semester. If you encounter a printing account balance low message or are unable to print, visit CPH Information Systems in 360 Cunz Hall to request an account credit increase, or send an email to supportatcph [dot] osu [dot] edu

Hours and Access

The PHIL Labs are open from 6:00am to 6:00pm Monday - Friday. CPH students may access the lab after hours and on weekends using their BuckID on the card swipe locks. CPH students are automatically added to the access list for the labs however they must first have their BuckID authorized for building access. If you are having trouble with either the building or lab locks, please email facilitiesatcph [dot] osu [dot] edu.