Research Affiliates

The Center for HOPES conducts research and evaluation projects using primarily its own in-house staff of researchers, supplemented by affiliated researchers from other units at Ohio State, and, when needed, by subject-matter experts who bring specific knowledge and skills required for project success. The Center leverages the superb academic resources of the Ohio State University and other institutions to make sure that clients have the finest expertise available to address their project’s needs.

Individuals and organizations that have participated recently as affiliated researchers on Center for HOPES projects have included:

John Nyman, PhD, Health Economist University of Minnesota
John McAlearney, PhD, Health Economist Wright State University
Eric Seiber, PhD, Health Economist The Ohio State University
Rachel Delbos, MS, Statistician College of William and Mary
Elizabeth Dugan, PhD, Gerontologist University of Massachusetts- Boston
Phyllis Mutschler, PhD, Women's Health Brandeis University
Diane Piktialis, PhD, Employment Issues The Conference Board
Kathleen Carr, PhD, Survey Research Strategic Research Group, Inc.
Kenneth Steinman, PhD, Community Health Galade Research and Management, LLC.
Bo Lu, PhD, Biostatistics The Ohio State University
Jean Starr, MD, Vascular Surgery The Ohio State University

Other expertise may be needed for specific projects.  Please contact the Center for HOPES if you have specific skills or ideas for useful affiliation with the Center on particular projects.  Additionally, interested individuals or groups may apply for membership in the Center .  Membership in the Center provides members with regular updates concerning Center activities, notice about special events, networking opportunities, and facilitates the potential involvement of affiliated researchers on the Center’s projects.