To improve health care for people in Ohio and nationally by conducting objective research and evaluation to identify needs and devise practical strategies for improvement.

To help health systems, professional associations, employers, and health plans optimize their delivery of high-quality services by providing information on costs, patterns of care, and ways of addressing patient needs.

To provide assistance to local, state, and federal government officials and agencies charged with developing solutions to health policy issues and with measurement of outcomes to evaluate quality, access, and the effectiveness of their programs and services.

To provide information and education to our constituencies about the latest findings from research studies to help them enhance health care and health services.

To advance clinical effectiveness by studying the processes of care delivered by health care systems and developing approaches for making those processes more efficient and able to achieve optimal outcomes.

To support public health efforts by evaluating community-based programs, analyzing reasons for disparities in care, devising methods for improving access to care, and optimizing programs aimed at disease prevention and health risk reduction.