Senior Quality Manager


Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

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94-A Northwoods Blvd





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Full-time job

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Senior Quality Manager
Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP)

About the Ohio AAP
Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP), the strongest network of education and advocacy for pediatrics in the state.  The Ohio AAP encompasses 3,000 Ohio pediatricians and residents who are enthusiastic and committed to pediatrics, last year alone we directly impacted over 875,000 children through our programs and reached over 174 million people nationwide in our awareness campaigns.

About the Team
We are a close-knit staff who are all focused on child health and supporting pediatricians who serve Ohio’s children and families. We are self-starters who are accountable for our own outcomes. We are problem solvers who keep the needs of our members and Ohio’s children on the forefront of our minds.

Where to Find Ohio AAP
Facebook: AAP Ohio   
Linked-In: Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

About the Position
Using Quality Improvement (QI) Science to change physician behavior and stakeholders in public health through our existing childhood obesity prevention and our new lead screening and resource dissemination programs in Ohio.

About the Candidate
The successful candidate for this position will not only possess above average program management skills and QI background they will also operate with a passion for making a difference in all areas of child health. The candidate will also have a proven track record of building and maintaining long term professional partnership and relationships.

Senior Quality Manager Scope of Work

  • Manages the development, implementation, and monitoring of 2 key QI programs under the advisement of medical experts.
  • Generates, timelines, and work plans, and executes them with support of the program team.
  • Manages the development and utilization of metrics and analytics for use in QI processes.
  • Recruit, retain and coach 15-30 primary care practices each year on QI, operations and key clinical areas, lead screening and childhood obesity prevention.
  • Consults with and enables practitioners at each phase of improvement (i.e., setting goals, thought partnering and recommending strategies or innovations, and execution) by providing tools, trainings, guiding them through rapid-cycle tests of change, and assisting when obstacles arise.
  • Aids practices in customizing processes to fit their own situation and incorporating the changes into their day-to-day routines for increased likelihood of sustainability.
  • Designs plans for data gathering and analysis of baseline, and ongoing assessment of success throughout the project; provides ongoing support to practitioners in collecting, interpreting, and communicating data, and developing action plans accordingly.
  • Implements operational processes that contribute to cooperative, effective and efficient results across all practices enrolled in Ohio AAP programs.
  • Advises and influences program team on systems, technologies, data management, methodologies, developments, academic outputs and best practices.
  • Contribute to website, emails, listserv, presentations for Ohio AAP as needed.
  • Revise program content as requested and with emerging best practices through engaging medical experts for feedback and coordinating review as necessary.
  • Create and implement training opportunities for other health professionals such as the pilot quality improvement program to determine how to best incorporate program materials into the work of other health professionals.
  • Facilitate and contribute to the development of programmatic reports as required by contracts.
  • Manage the various applications, approvals and certifications required by the project, including CME, IRB and MOC with assistance as appropriate.
  • Attend partner meetings in person and on the phone to provide program mission and/or updates. Make connections at partner meetings to advance the work of the program or Chapter.
  • Attend monthly staff accountability meetings to report results.
  • Develop strategies for reporting program outcomes that can be replicated across Ohio AAP Programs.
  • Serve as the staff lead for one of the chapter strategic areas by assisting Board Leadership in development and implementation of programmatic action plan.
  • Assist with Chapter and Foundation events as needed.
  • Lead special projects and leader appointments by management.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job qualifications: 

Bachelor’s Degree with 5-7 years project management is required; a strong background in QI is highly desired.

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Elizabeth Dawson

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Monday, November 30, 2020