Practicum Requirements

  • Placement in a local, state, federal, private, or international organization that addresses public health issues working with a designated preceptor.
  • Completion of 120 hours at the practicum site participating in public health related activities and projects
  • Students must demonstrate attainment of at least 5 competencies with 3 of them being Foundational Competencies and the others within their specialization within their final report and and the demonstration product of choice.
  • Submission of practicum evaluations including student, preceptor, and faculty advisor evaluations.
  • Submission of Demonstration Product:

The purpose of the demonstration product, or “demo” is to have a written or visual illustration of the attainment of one or more competencies during the practicum experience(s). Note that all competencies must be demonstrated through a combination of the demo and the final report and multiple demonstration products may be included as needed. . The selected demonstration product is expected to be original work led or contributed to in the practicum process.  Students can select from the following types of Demonstration Products:

Examples of Demonstration Product formats:

1) Presentation:  Examples include a PowerPoint, Prezi, research poster, infographic

2) Written:  Examples include a manuscript (entire or relevant excerpt), policy brief, program plan, community assessment, fact sheet, brochures, and data collection instrument

3) Audio/visual:   Examples include recorded presentations, multi-media content, social media campaigns, webinar sessions, web/app development, and podcasts


Students should consult with your faculty advisor about concerns or questions about the choice of demonstration or upload format.