For Students

Students should begin planning for the practicum their first semester in the MPH Program.  Steps for completing the practicum are outlined below.

Practicum Planning

Prior to selecting and registering for the practicum, students must complete the following steps that will familiarize them with the rules and regulations, identify their career goals and familiarize them with available practicum resources.

  1. Practicum Preference Profile Questionnaire. This will assist the Coordinator with assisting students with finding a practicum that fits their interest and career goals when reaching out to organizations.
  2. Attend a Practicum Orientation Session.The practicum orientation is a good introduction to the practicum and offers an overview of the requirements and expectations.  Students will also have the opportunity to hear from second year students that have completed their practicum. Practicum orientations for Autumn 2020 have concluded.  If you were unable to attend please make an appointment with Dawn Williams by calling (614) 292-8350.
  3. Review the Pre-recorded 2017-2018 Practicum Orientation Webinar:

Finding a practicum involves a mix of activities and is ultimately the student’s responsibility.  The College will provide students with resources and assistance.  Below you will find resources that students have used in the past to find a practicum.

  1. Attending On-Campus Career Fairs
  2. Read the CPH weekly newsletter
  3. Handshake
  4. Speak with your faculty advisor
  5. Speak with second year MPH students
  6. Network with professionals and alumni
  7. Research national and local organization's websites for Internships/Practicum Opportunities
  8. Find a practicum on your own by contacting organizations of interest directly and reviewing the website for internship opportunities.
  9. "My Career Plan" Carmen Page
      A listing of practicum opportunities and resources including the handbook and forms can be found here.

For a current listing, please visit our Current Practicum Opportunities page.

    • Complete the 2019-2020 Online Practicum Learning Agreement When the document is submitted it will be automatically routed to your faculty advisor and preceptor that you designated on the agreement for approval. 
    • Send both the Preceptor and Faculty Advisor an email to alert them to review the automatic email they will receive from Qualtrics. They should review the information submitted and click the link to approve
    • When both approvals have been received the Coordinator will add the practicum course to your schedule.
    • Students are not able to add the practicum course to their schedule.

  • Spring 2020
    • April 22, 2020:  Students submit Practicum paperwork (final report, daily log, demonstration product) to CANVAS and email the items to their faculty advisor.
    • April 22, 2020:  Students complete Practicum Student Evaluation
    • April 22, 2020:  Preceptors complete Practicum Preceptor Evaluation
    • Upon Receipt: Coordinator will upload completed Student and Preceptor evaluations to Carmen
    • April 22- April 28: Faculty advisor complete Evaluation  CPH Faculty Rubric for Evaluating Capstone, Practicum Experience and Student Performance.
    • April 28, 2020: Grade posting deadline for graduating students
    • May 4, 2020: Grade posting deadline for Non-graduating student
    • February 15, 2020: University deadline to turn around incomplete grades from Autumn 2019

  • Note: Students that will not complete their practicum by the deadline dates listed above should let the faculty advisor, preceptor and the coordinator know. Students will receive an incomplete and will have until the following semester to finish the requirements.