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Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States for people under 50 – more than car crashes, gun violence or AIDS at the height of that epidemic in 1995. And nearly half of the drug deaths are due to opioid drugs, particularly heroin.

The film Heroin(e) examines the flood of heroin that threatens the Huntington, WV with a cycle of generational addiction, lawlessness, and poverty. The VOICES Project is a collection of stories from people in recovery,...

You are invited to attend the upcoming Group on Health Equity (GoHE) Meeting, Tuesday, 15 May, 2018 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm with our guest speaker Darryl B. Hood, Ph.D., Associate Professor Division of Environmental Health Sciences College of Public Health, Department of Neuroscience College of Medicine speaking on the topic: Impact of Environmental Toxicants on Population Health in Southern Gateway Communities in Columbus, Ohio.

The Center for Public Health Practice at the Ohio State University's College of Public Health, with support from the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center at The Ohio State University, is proud to bring to you the 19th Annual Summer Program in Population Health. Each year, the Summer Program brings world-renowned experts in public health to Columbus, Ohio. The unique design of the program provides an opportunity for individuals to learn in an atmosphere of intense...

College is not only a necessity to ensuring that you have a profitable career, but it is also expensive to get the degree you need. The Bellesoma Method Scholarship was created so students can have some assistance with their college or university expenses.

Our scholarship is available to all students who have a goal of going to college but lack the resources to cover the costs. To be considered for this scholarship you will need to write a 500-word essay answering a simple question;...

Counseling and Consultation Services offers individual and group counseling to students. Urgent appointments are also available. To schedule a phone screening, please complete their online registration.  

Naloxone, the antidote that reverses opioid overdoses, is available at the Wilce Student Health Center Pharmacy. If you or someone you know is at risk for opioid overdose, please visit the pharmacy to talk about getting a kit.

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