Paid internship with the Ohio Department of Health

The Ohio Department of Health is seeking a paid intern for a six to nine month period within the Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection/Radiological Health Assessment Section.

ODH ensures both medical and public health systems are not only integral parts of emergency response activities, but also part of emergency preparedness planning with all relevant partners. This effort is included in the HPP-PHEP (Hospital Preparedness Program – Public Health Emergency Preparedness) federally funded cooperative agreement to support state and local public health departments and health care organizations to show measurable and sustainable progress towards achieving preparedness and response capabilities that promote a prepared and resilient community. The current goal is for Ohio to maintain or increase our levels of effectiveness across six key preparedness domains: community resilience, incident management, information management, countermeasures and mitigation, surge management and biosurveillance.

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Stephen Helmer

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