Tips for researchers seeking to be more policy-relevant

Two-hour workshop for researchers who want to be more engaged in the policy-making process.

By nature, researchers and policy makers face very different incentives, time frames, constraints, and priorities. For any researcher or person driven by evidence and data, it can be hard to know how to engage in the policy-making process. This two-hour workshop will outline:
   1. the basics of policy deliberation and change,
   2. how policy makers interpret evidence,
   3. how to recognize windows of opportunity, and
   4. how the media and other intermediaries fit into this landscape.
   Participants will discuss and have time to plan/personalize goals related to writing for and engaging a policy audience. This session will also emphasize the necessary communications skills to frame your argument in terms that policy makers (and their constituents) care about.
   Please join this free session, led by Jamie O’Leary, Associate Director of Policy, who has worked in education policy and advocacy in Ohio for over a decade. Jamie leads the Crane Center’s policy-related efforts and is passionate about helping more great research get into the hands of decision makers and educate influencers.