Public Health student earns Leadership Fellow honor


Blair Turner, a third-year undergraduate student in the college’s new Bachelor of Science in Public Health major, has been selected as a Buckeye Leadership Fellow to participate in a student leadership development program that immerses students into the working world for greater success.

“I applied for the Buckeye Leadership Fellows program because I knew a few people that were in the program, and they only have very positive things to say about the program,” Turner said. “Also, I was looking for a way to better develop my leadership skills, and the Buckeye Leadership Fellows program is a great way to do that.”

This rigorous two-year program allows students to acquire life skills, provides them with personal development, and prepares them to enter the workforce.

“I think the Buckeye Leadership Fellows program will improve my educational experience because it will allow me to better develop more ‘real world’ problem solving skills,” Turner said. “The program gives an experience that you will not find in the classroom because we have real world challenges that we have to figure out."

“I am looking forward to developing my communication, leadership, and team working skills. I am also looking forward to working with a diverse group of people. Typically, once a person starts to get into their major classes they tend to work with and see all the same people all the time. However, the Buckeye Leadership Fellows program is comprised of a
very diverse group of people with all different majors and backgrounds.”

Turner is majoring in public health with an environmental public health specialization, and is minoring in microbiology. The Bachelor of Science in Public Health prepares students for a variety of health careers and health related graduate programs. Turner is a pre-med student preparing to become a pediatric oncologist. On campus she is involved in BuckeyeThon and is a biological science scholar.


About The Ohio State University College of Public Health

The Ohio State University College of Public Health is a leader in educating students, creating new knowledge through research, and improving the livelihoods and well-being of people in Ohio and beyond.  The College’s divisions include biostatistics, environmental health sciences, epidemiology, health behavior and health promotion, and health services management and policy.   It is ranked 19th among all colleges of public health in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report, and also includes the top 10-ranked MHA degree program.  The College provides leadership and expertise for Ohio and the world through its Center for Health Outcomes, Policy and Evaluation Studies (HOPES), Center for Public Health Practice, and the NCI-funded Center of Excellence in Regulatory Tobacco Science (CERTS).