Outreach and Engagement

The College of Public Health’s outreach and engagement activities are a hallmark of our mission. Public health as a discipline is most successful at the community level, whether that community is a neighborhood, a state or a country.

Our faculty are actively engaged in the following countries:

Closer to home, the college’s Center for Public Health Practice is a visible leader within the practice arena. The center continues to expand professional development opportunities to public health practitioners through conventional and distance-learning formats. These include workshops and seminars that are delivered using a blend of traditional and distance-learning platforms.

The Center for Health Outcomes Policy and Evaluation Studies has created a series of open online course modules in collaboration with Ohio State’s CCTS and Nationwide Children’s Center. The courses focus on Comparative Effectiveness Research, an approach that doctors, nurses and other health professionals use to compare emerging technologies and treatment options for serious illnesses and injuries. In the first five months after the courses launched, visitors from all continents except Antarctica visited the online learning center, and they viewed the courses nearly 500 times.