Ride with or support the teams of CPH students, factulty, staff and alumni, and the overall mission of raising money for cancer research during this year's Pelotonia, August 3-5. 

Register as a rider, virtual rider or volunteer on the CPH faculty-staff-alumni team, "Team Buckeye - College of Public Health," or the CPH student team, "BSR-Cohort of Dynamic Cyclists." You will then receive a toolkit to help you get started raising funds.

Riders commit to raising money based on the distance they choose to ride. The shortest distance, 25 miles, is a commitment of raising $1,250, and the longest distance, 200 miles, is $3,000. Virtual Riders are committed to raising a minimum of $100.

Interested? Register here. Or support the teams with a donation!

If you are interested in being a rider but hesitant due to the training or fundraising commitment, please cph-buckeyesatosu [dot] edu (let us know)! We can connect you with experienced participants to help answer questions and get you started.