Patricia Cifuentes MD.PhD

Visiting Scholar
Health Services Management and Policy

Phone: 614-247-7660

1841 Neil Ave.
241-2 Cunz Hall

Home Department: College of Public Health


Dr. Cifuentes is a physician, with a postgraduate degree in Statistics and a PhD. in public health from the National University of Colombia, with a doctoral internship at the CREA (Centre de Recherche en Épistemologie Appliquée) with the Complex Systems Science Research Group, at L´École Polytechnique de Paris, France.

Dr. Cifuentes research focuses on complex systems/network analysis, statistics and informatics relating to medicine and public health. After medical school she worked as an emergency room physician for almost 10 years. Since 2008 she has been working as consultant, professor and researcher for different public and private institutions including Colombia´s Ministry of Health, Colombian National Institute of Health, Colombian Institute for Family Wellbeing, Colombian Administrative Department for Science and Technology (Colciencias), National University of Colombia and University Antonio Nariño.

Her work has involved different aspects of information processes:

  • On data definition and collection, she took part on the survey design and execution of the study for assessing the National core capacities for surveillance and response, according to the International Health Regulations (IHR), the demography and health module of the national survey for food security (ENSIN-2015), the pilot study for infant anemia at some Colombian States (Sucre, Nariño and Chocó), and the conceptual model for a future National Child Survey.
  • For data gathering she developed a proposal for a Colombia EHR system inside an e-Health roadmap, following different interoperability layers.
  • At data analysis, in addition to executed surveys as routine health data basic and advanced analysis for different needs, she developed a methodology proposal for Health Situation analysis (HSA) based on statistics, epidemiology and evidence based public health (EBPH). For academic research she works on data driven modeling of complex systems by reconstruction methods as Bayesian networks, followed by network analysis based on graph theory. Some data used for this purpose have been Determinants of health related variables, and time series from EEG signals.
  • Some contributions for the decision making field were on developing a methodology for implementing the integral management strategy for vector borne diseases, as participation on policy making processes as the Colombian decennial public health plan.
  • In the academic field she has taught courses on biostatistics and epidemiology, and joined as Colombian organizer for an NIH/MSPS initiative of a Regional Grant writing and scientific peer review workshop, and the initiative of Continent Roadmaps on Complex Systems and UniTwin UNESCO from the European Complex Systems Society.


Green Buckeye Certified CEPH CAHME