OPHTC Enters Third Year of Funding, Celebrates Successes:

The Ohio Public Health Training Center (OPHTC), located in the Center, is funded through the HRSA Public Health Training Center program. The primary target audience for OPHTC programs and services includes governmental public health agencies and their system partners, practitioners, and students across Ohio. Formerly a joint Public Health Training Center with the University of Pittsburgh (2000-2010), OPHTC is entering its third year as a single-state PHTC.  Below are some key accomplishments from Years 1 and 2:

  • provided 111 competency-based courses to 3,261 public health practitioners and community partners on topics such as continuous quality improvement, public engagement, leadership, strategic planning, evidence-based public health practice, practice-based research, epidemiology, and biostatistics;
  • conducted competency-based training needs assessments in 43 local public health agencies;
  • convened practice partners to create a workforce development plan template to address documentation requirements associated with PHAB standard 8.2.1 (this template is receiving national recognition as a valuable tool for agencies across the nation);
  • provided services to local public health agencies and their community partners to conduct community health assessments, strategic planning, and local public health system performance assessments;
  • convened academic and practice partners to establish a strategic public health workforce development plan for the state of Ohio; this will be integrated into the State Health Improvement Plan;
  • established formal partnerships with four of Ohio’s MPH programs to support OPHTC’s work;
  • established financial incentive program to encourage graduate students to complete field placement experiences in rural and underserved areas in Ohio;
  • expanded activity in practice-based research and related training;
  • modified the Summer Program for training to expand beyond statistics/epidemiology and include applied practice;
  • developed a logic model and process for evaluation of performance, productivity and impact; and;
  • chaired the National Network of Public Health Training Centers.

The above items do not reflect the total activities conducted via OPHTC or overall by our Center for Public Health Practice. However, OPHTC enhances our efforts to work collaboratively and cooperatively to address needs of Ohio’s current and future public health workforce and agencies while responding to the HRSA Public Health Training Center program’s four legislative purposes.

Moving into Year 3, OPHTC will continue and expand on many of the initiatives listed above.  Additional Year 3 activities include:  development of an accessible, applied Introduction to Public Health Financial Management course; delivery of the Public Health Education Principles series; expansion of the existing Training Academy; assistance with accreditation; increased placement of graduate public health students in rural and underserved areas; identification of faculty/student projects that benefit the practice community; and, maintenance and expansion of existing academic and practice partnerships.

We will continue to look for new, novel, effective, and economically efficient approaches to our work.  We value your thoughts and feedback.  If you have questions regarding our initiatives, or suggestions for future directions, please do not hesitate to contact our Center’s Director, Dr. Michael Bisesi.  Together we can strengthen and support the workforce that strives to improve and protect people’s health!


Green Buckeye Certified CEPH CAHME