Organizational Support Services

Strategic planning:

Is your organization struggling to hone its strategic priorities? The Center for Public Health Practice can assist with a full range of strategic planning services. We work with organizations of any size on simple process design or complete strategic plan development. Each strategic planning solution is customized based on client needs, and experienced staff are available every step of the way.

Community health assessment and planning:

Is your community embarking on an overall health assessment and planning journey? The Center has worked with several communities as well as the state of Ohio to help make the community health assessment process more productive and its outcomes more meaningful. No matter what process your community chooses, we can assist in giving you and your stakeholders a more useful product.

Group facilitation:

Are you dealing with a sticky issue in your community or organization that demands a neutral third party? The Center has a staff of trained and experienced group facilitators who can lead your organization through tough consensus building and decision making processes. We have assisted clients at the federal, state and local level with a wide range of facilitation processes such as community health visioning, Medicaid managed care implementation, and state public health system assessment.

Training needs assessment:

Are you wondering what investments in the development, training and retention of existing workers you need to make in order to battle the looming worker shortage? The Center has conducted numerous local and state-wide training needs assessments that can help identify and prioritize the workforce development needs in your agency. Call us to discuss a customized assessment process for your organization.

Contracted training:

Do you have already identified training needs, but can't find the courses anywhere? The Center houses a broad library of training products that are available on a contractual basis in our facility or yours. We maintain the ability to offer leadership, management, emergency preparedness, and general public health skill building courses.

Continuous Quality Improvement:

How can your organization improve targeted areas? How can you build a system of continuous improvement? How can you equip your staff with the knowledge and tools to make continuous improvement a way of life? The Center has worked with the Ohio Voluntary Accreditation Team and local health departments to provide training and support for CQI teams addressing opportunities for improvement to move towards accreditation standards. Contact us to find out how to equip your organization with the knowledge, tools and experience to make improvements in a structured, systematic way - to improve organizational performance and better meet your customer needs.

Planning Templates

Currently there are three planning templates available for use in your organization:

Workforce Development Planning Template

Quality Improvement Planning Template

Competency based Job Descriptions Template

Please contact us at for more information about how we may help meet your organizational needs.

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