Advisory Committee

The PRC advisory group, called the Community Partnerships Committee, gives input and feedback from the community’s point of view.  The overall mission of the PRC Community-Academic Partnerships Committee is to make prevention research more relevant, effective and usable in improving community health.

As a part of this mission, the PRC Community-Academic Partnerships Committee seeks to do the following:

  • Develop ways for Columbus residents and Ohio State University researchers to communicate better about doing research and sharing research findings. 
  • Include community perspectives in planning, conducting, interpreting and sharing findings from Prevention Research Center projects.

Participants may be involved in various steps in the research process, including but not limited to:

  • identifying health concerns
  • prioritizing research directions
  • recruiting and retaining research participants
  • designing ways to collect data
  • collecting research data
  • designing ways to help improve health behaviors
  • analyzing information that is collected
  • putting research findings into context
  • communicating the findings
  • translating what is learned through the research into practice

The initial tasks of the PRC Community Partnerships Committee are:

  1. Participate in the dissemination of the committee’s video “Community Perspectives on Research.”
  2. Advise the Prevention Research Center on the best ways to involve local communities in research.
  3. Participate in planning and interpreting focus groups in which parents and grandparents of preschoolers will discuss issues around eating and physical activity.
  4. Participate in planning survey research projects related to early childhood eating and physical activity in Columbus.

The group’s input will enhance the relevance and implementation of the PRC’s study designed to better understand parental behaviors that influence weight gain in preschool-age children in the South Side of Columbus and to determine the best ways to encourage parents to create healthier habits for their children.

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