The PRC Parent Survey has been completed!

Over 300 South Side parents of preschoolers were surveyed about childhood health 

The Ohio State University Prevention Research Center (PRC) conducted a survey from May 2012-May 2013 to find out more about the challenges parents face in raising healthy, active children.

The survey consisted of questions about the participants’ neighborhoods, access to food and play spaces, child activity and eating behaviors, nutrition knowledge, social support, home environments, health conditions, food insecurity, and demographics. Height and weight measurements were collected from the preschool aged children.

Over 300 parents/guardians with children 2-5 years old living in zip codes 43205, 43206, and 43207 took part in the face-to-face survey. Some parents received an invitation for more than one eligible child, so some parents completed more than one survey (one about each eligible child). The total number of completed surveys is 361. Participants received a $25 gift card for each survey they completed as a thank-you for their time. Surveys were conducted in local churches and recreation centers, and at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Columbus Public Health.

Various aspects of the survey will be analyzed by members of the PRC research team and their work will result in a range of publications and reports over the next year. By December 2013 the PRC expects to develop community-level information and recommendations that may help to identify resources needed to support parents in their efforts to raise healthy children and contribute to the development of programs and policies in the community.

Ways this information will be shared may include: summary reports (similar to the child care survey results materials), formal presentations, social media, or other channels. The PRC received input from a community advisory group and a community health coalition to develop and conduct this research, and welcomes input and questions from community members as we look for meaningful ways to share the results.

Results of other PRC projects can be accessed now. PRC South Side focus group and child care survey results booklets are available on this website, under the “Research” tab along the top of the page.

The Prevention Research Center faculty and staff wish to thank our community advisors for their support and guidance throughout this project. We also thank the various host sites for providing space to meet with parents and children. Most of all we thank all the families who took the time to participate in this survey!

Green Buckeye Certified CEPH CAHME