Sharing the Results


The Ohio State University Prevention Research Center involves the work of the following faculty members in the College of Public Health:

  • Phyllis Pirie, chair and professor in the Division of Health Behavior and Health Promotion;
  • Mary Ellen Wewers, professor in the Division of Health Behavior and Health Promotion;
  • Liz Klein, associate professor in the Division of Health Behavior and Health Promotion;
  • Sarah Anderson, assistant professor in the Division of Epidemiology.

Below are some of their recent publications.

Anderson SE, Whitaker RC. Prevalence of obesity among U.S. preschool children in different racial and ethnic groups. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. 163(4): 2009. 344-348.

Klein EG, Forster JL, Erickson DJ, Schillo B, Lytle LA. Does the type of clean indoor air policy significantly affect bar and restaurant employment in Minnesota cities?  Prevention Science. 10(2): 2009. 168-174.

Klein EG, Forster JL, Erickson DJ, Schillo B, Lytle LA. The relationship between local clean indoor air policies and smoking behaviours in Minnesota youth. Tobacco Control. 18(2): 2009. 132-137.

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Laura J. Solomon, Bunn, Janice Y., Flynn, Brian S., Pirie, Phyllis L., Worden, John K., Ashikaga, Takamaru. Mass media for smoking cessation in adolescents. Health Education & Behavior. Aug;36(4): 2009. 642-59

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