Community Perspectives

Free “Community Perspectives on Research” training video available 

The Ohio State University Prevention Research Center (OSU PRC) Community Partnerships Committee helped develop a video to convey issues that community members would like researchers to consider when doing research in and with communities. The 11-minute video is titled “Community Perspectives on Research.”

This video is the result of a joint academic and community effort. The project began with residents and representatives from community organizations sharing common issues and concerns related to community-based research. From their list of issues and concerns, a set of questions was developed and used for interviewing and recording a selected group of residents and organization representatives.

When initial versions of the video presentation were shared with the OSU PRC community committee, community advisors expressed concern that a greater variety of voices was needed. In response to this input, additional community residents were interviewed, including WIC clients who do not work at or represent any particular organization. Portions of those interviews were added to the video and showed to the community committee again. Participants suggested moving more of the residents’ voices to the very beginning of the video, alternating between organization representatives and residents, and focusing on key themes.

The result is a video with a clear message about “what researchers should know about doing research with the community”, focusing on themes like “trust,” “communication,” and “sharing results”. It has been used in OSU courses, in trainings for OSU researchers, and by universities and organizations across the country interested in CBPR. The video is available here or by searching “community perspectives on research.”

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