Technical Assistance

Ohio State's Prevention Research Center seeks to provide support to communities to improve the health of their residents. This section contains information on trainings to build specific skills, databases with health statistics, and guides for implementing best practices.

Technical Assistance Links

CBPR Curriculum
This on-line curriculum was developed by The Examining Community-Institutional Partnerships for Prevention Research Group in 2006. The curriculum includes many examples, exercises, and samples. It can be used to help develop research partnerships, conduct trainings for researchers or community partners, or for self-study.

Community Toolbox
The Community Toolbox (CTB) is a free resource for information on essential skills for building healthy communities. Resources help users build specific skills in community work, along with offering guidance for key tasks, a troubleshooting guide of common dilemmas in this kind of work, guides for implementing best practices and links to best practice databases, and an "ask an advisor" feature for connecting with others. Educational modules for each of CTB's 16 core competencies are also available for purchase.

Prevention Research Centers Training Catalog
Trainings offered by PRCs throughout the country are available for health practitioners, public health advocates and students through the CDC. Topics range from developing logic models to program evaluation. Trainings related to specific health concerns and strategies, such as teen pregnancy prevention and evidence-based physical activity interventions, are also included.

CODAT (Central Ohio Data Access Tools)
Developed by Community Research Partners, a nonprofit research center, this website offers three different tools: DataSource, Community Indicators, and a Research Clearinghouse. DataSource offers interactive tools to display and analyze demographic, social services, education, and property data for available geographies within Franklin County. Community indicators are ready-made charts and statistics displaying key population data about populations, education, employment, health, etc., in central Ohio. The Research Clearinghouse offers downloadable plans, needs assessments, and research reports from many central Ohio organizations and populations about a variety of health-related topics.

Ohio Family Health Survey
The Ohio Family Health Survey is the largest state-sponsored health survey in the U.S. There were 19,000 respondents in 1998, 39,000 respondents in 2004, and 51,000 in 2008. Survey questions cover health status, health care access and utilization, satisfaction, insurance status, and demographics. Research briefs and reports are available from the website in addition to downloadable public use datasets. Researchers can request access to restricted-access research data sets.

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