Black Raspberry Study: Weghorst (CPH)/Clinton (COM) Lab Volunteer

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Christopher Weghorst

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This opportunity is associated with a National Cancer Institute-funded clinical trial investigating interactions between the oral microbiome and food-based phytochemicals. The proposed studies will establish a definitive role for oral bacteria in mediating the formation of black raspberry (BRB) derived bioactive compounds and provide: (i) a panel of bacterial markers for BRB exposure and (ii) biologically validated timelines for BRB treatment in patients at high risk for developing oral cancer, namely, smokers. Outcomes of these studies will help accomplish our long-term goal of developing food-based strategies for disease prevention, point-of-care diagnostics and biological metrics for successful treatment outcomes in high-risk populations high at-risk for the development of oral malignancies.

Desired Experience: 

This position is for a student looking for an immediate/temporary volunteer experience starting mid-September through the end of the year - ideal for someone who's interested in human subject research, learning what it’s like to work with a lab team, and very detail-oriented. Main duties will include: Recruitment material distribution and management; Data entry (demographic, compliance and dietary data entry. Data entry could also include the use of NDSR software to analyze 24-hour diet recalls). We are looking specifically for someone available on Thursday afternoons (approximately 4-6 ​hrs per week). ****Contact: Maxine Mendelson at or 614-688-9769.

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Start Date: 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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December 15, 2017