Addiction and Mental Health

The ever-growing opioid crisis ravaging Ohio and the nation demands smart, thoughtful response. Researchers at the college are working to improve opioid-related outcomes by implementing community-based response tactics, developing predictive models and data solutions, and training Ohio communities to address mental health crises.

Our Work in the News

Portsmouth Daily Times screenshot
February 18, 2020

Operation GRACE received a donation from The Ohio State University College of Public Health on Friday in the form of 100 new winter coats.

Operation GRACE is an organization that works hard to provide items of basic necessity to children that have been directly impacted by the opioid epidemic and works closely with area schools and the...

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November 6, 2019

Study details high out-of-pocket costs

Americans are using more out-of-network care and paying more out of pocket for behavioral health care than for treatment of other conditions, despite efforts to increase coverage and access to mental health services, according to new research....

The Columbus Dispatch article
October 27, 2019

As drug companies and governments battle over multimillion-dollar settlements, families who lost homes, savings and loved ones to opioids want their voices heard. Many are angry about legal agreements allowing opioid manufacturers and distributors to pay up without acknowledging wrongdoing.

“I think the families also have an interest in...