CPH Student Research Opportunities

For College of Public Health students:

Please complete a research application to apply for a current research position. Current College of Public Health undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply.

Current Student Research Projects/Positions:

Click here for current listings

Apply for a Student Research Projects/Positions
(OSU name.number login required - Public Health students only).

Public Health pre-majors and minors should contact webmaster@cph.osu.edu for access.
If you are a public health student and can not login, please contact webmaster@cph.osu.edu and an account will set up for you. Please include your name, OSU email address and if you are a major or minor.
Click here to fill out an application.

For Faculty:

If you have a research opportunity for students, please post it on the Research Dashboard under the "Student Training" section. The link can also be accessed here.
You can view applications of students looking for research opportunities here

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