Global Option in Public Health


The Global Option in Public Health (GO PH) builds upon the strong foundation of global education that are inherent components of the Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) degree offered by the College of Public Health.  While students in the BSPH program fulfill many of the elements of the GO PH, the GO PH will enhance this strong foundation.

Public health undergraduate students admitted to the major who are in good academic standing will have the opportunity to enhance their global education through a variety of options. These include education abroad and domestic global experiences, international-focused courses, and capstone experiences with international themes.

Students will maintain a comprehensive e-portfolio of their international activities to record and reflect on their experiences that demonstrate alignment with GO PH competencies. The GO PH program is designed to strengthen the students' global perspectives and gain global knowledges and skills in order to achieve better performance and competitiveness in their future studies and career development, including the global stage. 

Since many elements of the GO PH program are contained within the existing BSPH program, the GO PH can be completed without adding significant time to graduation and, at the same time, allows the students individualize their plans. Successfully completing the requirements will earn students the Public Health Global Option designation on their transcripts as a Concentration (Major: Public Health, Concentration: Global Option).

Upon successful completion of GO PH program, students will be better prepared to:

  • Compare and contrast examples of major domestic and international public health issues
  • Discuss various global approaches/strategies for identification, response and intervention to address and attempt to resolve common public health issues
  • Identify political, cultural, behavioral and socio-economic factors related to global public health issues
  • Work effectively in international settings
  • Adapt to diverse cultures, perceptions and approaches
  • Discuss major currents of global change and issues they raise
  • Communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries
  • Comprehend the international dimension of one's field of study

To pursue GO PH, undergraduate students should be in good academic standing in either specialization of the BSPH degree program. Courses, international experiences, language/culture, and reflection that are included in the components below, constitute a special engagement well beyond the standard requirements for graduation.

  • Credits may overlap with a student’s major, minor, honors curriculum or general education requirements.
  • Petitions for changes in requirements will be reviewed by the CPH GO PH Program Committee.
  • No more than two components may be satisfied using any one education abroad experience.
  • Students must earn at least four credit hours related to Components A-D (below) at Ohio State.
  • Attainment of a grade of B or higher in all graded components of the GO PH and satisfactory completion of all S/U courses.
  • Completion of all degree requirements for the baccalaureate degree in CPH.
  • BSPH students are encouraged to declare intent to participate in the GO PH as soon as possible. Students enrolling in the program may withdraw from the program at any time without penalty by notifying the GO PH staff contact.

The GO PH program must complete coursework and/or fieldwork in each of the following four areas below:

Required Components

Description of Options


A. Early Education Abroad
(choose one option)

1. Successfully complete (grade of B or higher) any university sponsored Education abroad program (except PUBHLTH 3189).

3 minimum

2. Qualify as an International Student at Ohio State, therefore are studying abroad at Ohio State. Student must provide a reflection paper comparing their international experience prior to enrolling in the Global Option Capstone Course. (Rubric will be provided)


3. Global-Local Experience (Domestic internship w/strong connections to international community)


B. International Learning





1. Successfully complete (grade of B or higher) at least one of the two courses that is required within the curriculum that have a strong international focus (both are embedded in the BSPH Curriculum):

  • PUBHLTH 2010 Critical Issues in Global Public Health or
  • PUBHEHS 3310 Current Issues in Global Environmental Health

3 minimum




C. Foreign Culture and/or Language proficiency

1. Foreign language coursework through 1103



D. Global Option Capstone Course

Successfully complete CPH capstone (internship, research) with a global focus and/or CPH education abroad course with a grade of B or higher.

CPH offers one active education abroad courses: 

  • Public Health Perspectives: Japan (PUBHLTH 3189.03/3189.03E)

3 minimum


Ongoing requirements

1. Pre and Post evaluation of global competencies on a standard assessment (pre-evaluation when joining the GO PH; post-evaluation before graduation) in collaboration with the Office of International Affairs, and/or other GO programs

2. Maintaining an e-portfolio of activities addressing the A-D components via Ohio State Carmen platform.

To develop an individual plan, please contact an advisor at 614-292-8350.