Dual Degree Programs and Combined Degree Programs

The increasing complexity of public health and health services delivery has led many students to consider combining their graduate degree in public health with study in another complementary area. This works particularly well at Ohio State, where many of our graduate programs and professional programs enjoy strong national reputations.

The College of Public Health partners with numerous departments and colleges at Ohio State to offer opportunities for students to pursue a dual or combined degree. The College offers a number of degree options that allow students to supplement their public health coursework with more focused, interdisciplinary study from another department. By pursuing a dual or combined degree, students have the opportunity to earn both degrees in a shorter amount of time than they would independently, due to the fact that some required coursework can be shared.

What is the difference between a dual degree and a combined degree?
A dual degree is a combination of your College of Public Health graduate degree and another graduate degree program at Ohio State. The College currently has agreements with the following graduate programs:

College of Nursing
MPH-Health Behavior and Health Promotion/MS-Nursing

College of Engineering
MPH-Environmental Health Sciences/MISE

Glenn School of Public Affairs

Fisher College of Business

College of Social Work
MPH-Health Behavior and Health Promotion/MSW
MPH-Health Services Management and Policy/MSW

A combined degree is a combination of your College of Public Health graduate degree and a professional degree program at Ohio State. The College currently has the following combined degree agreements:

College of Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine

Moritz College of Law

How long will it take to complete a dual or combined degree?
Though each student’s program plan will vary, on average a dual degree can be completed in approximately three years. A combined degree adds a miminum of one year to the professional degree length.

How are course requirements determined in a dual or combined degree?
Once you are admitted to both programs, you will be asked to complete either a dual degree or combined degree form for the Graduate School. To complete this you will meet with an advisor from both programs and agree upon your coursework to be completed. This will serve as a guide for you as you complete both degrees.

How do students apply to a dual or combined degree program?

Students must be admitted separately to each program of interest. Admission to one program does not guarantee admission to the other.

For students interested in applying for a dual or combined degree with the College of Public Health, you should follow the required admission process and deadlines for the College.

Once admission is complete to both programs and you elect to pursue the dual or combined option, you will be asked to complete official paperwork with the Graduate School to make the combination official.

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