Curriculum Guides

Coming soon - curriculum guides for students admitted to a graduate program for the 15-16 year

For students admitted to a graduate program for the 14-15 academic year

MPH - Biomedical Informatics (BMI)
MPH - Biostatistics (BIO)
MPH - Clinical Translational Science (CTS)
MPH - Environmental Health Sciences (EHS)
MPH - Epidemiology (EPI)
MPH - Health Behavior & Health Promotion (HBHP)
MPH - Health Services Management & Policy (HSMP)
MPH - Program for Experienced Professionals (PEP)
PEP Calendars: 14-15 PEP Calendar 15-16 PEP Calendar (updated 3/31/15)
MPH - Veterinary Public Health (VPH)
MHA - Master of Health Administration (HSMP)
MS - Biomedical Informatics (BMI)
MS - Biostatistics (BIO)
MS - Environmental Health Sciences (EHS)
MS - Epidemiology (EPI)
Interdisciplinary Biostatistics PhD program - Public Health Specialization
PhD specialization in Environmental Health Sciences
PhD specialization in Epidemiology
PhD specialization in Health Behavior and Health Promotion
PhD specialization in Health Services Management and Policy

Combined BSPH-Public Health Sociology/MPH-Epidemiology
Combined BSPH-Public Health Sociology/MPH-Health Behavior & Health Promotion
Combined BSPH-Environmental Public Health/MPH-Epidemiology
Combined BSPH-Environmental Public Health/MPH-Environmental Health Sciences
Combined BSPH-Environmental Public Health/Veterinary Public Health

Previous years curriculum guides can be obtained by contacting the Office of Academic Programs and Student Services in the College of Public Health at

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 Link to the College of Public Health Graduate Student Handbook

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