College of Public Health Scholarships

Scholarships make a major impact on College of Public Health students’ lives. They provide access to education for deserving students with financial need, and reward students for exemplary academic performance and other outstanding achievements. With the support of alumni and friends, the College of Public Health is proud to be able to support deserving and talented students.

As a student in the college, we hope you will take advantage of these resources. Information about CPH Scholarships, including eligibility, the application process, awarding and acceptance procedures, and additional financial resources for students of The Ohio State University is below.

Application Open Close
College of Public Health General Scholarship October 1 March 1
Student Impact Award in Public Health and Veterinary Public Health (Farm to Table) August 1 August 30
Professional Development and Travel Awards Date which professional development or travel will occur: Deadline to Apply:
  Summer March 15
Autumn Semester (and Winter Break) April 15
Spring Semester November 1



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