CPH Careers

The College of Public Health utilizes CPH Careers as a way for employers to post, and students and alumni to search for,  jobs, practicum, residency and internship opportunities as part of the University's Buckeye Careers Network.  All students are expected to update their user profile by uploading a resume, and keeping it updated, each term.

Student Log-in:
Go here; then click on " Current Student Login" and enter your OSU credentials (name.#) and password.

  • Make sure to keep your profile updated
  • Read announcements on the CPH Careers homepage
  • Keep your resume current for employers
  • Check career events and employer info sessions and workshops

Alumni Log-in:
Register for an account here. You will be emailed a user-name and password within 48 hours.

Employer Log-in:
Employers should activate their CPH Careers account account as a first step in utilizing our services.
Employers can begin the registration process by registering here.

    Click on " Register" to create a new account and follow prompts

After your registration has been approved, you will be able to post jobs and internships as well as request space for information sessions.  if you have additional questions about recruiting policies or procedures, or wish to discuss your recruiting strategy in greater detail , please contact a member of our staff.

Benefits for Employers
    Manage your account and edit your contact information
    Build a company profile
    Post a position and review applications
    Search for students in resume books
    Come recruit on The Ohio State University Campus
    Attend an event at The Ohio State University

By registering through the CPH Careers portal, you are establishing a recruiting relationship with the system.  This means your log in credentials will only work at this log in portal.  If you are interested in establishing  a recruiting relationship with another system in Buckeye Careers Network, contact a member of our staff.

Our Staff

Dawn N. Williams, M.Ed.

Lisa Mowery, M.A.

Heather Kerr, M.A.

Green Buckeye Certified CEPH CAHME