Student Organizations

College of Public Health Student Organizations Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To collectively promote awareness and understanding of the field of public health through campus and city wide events, development of future healthcare leaders, and community service.

Vision: To have a collaborative impact on public health through connectedness, awareness, passion, and motivation.

Values: Leadership, community involvement, service, education, fellowship, diversity, empowerment, & healthier lifestyle

Student Organzations:

Association of Future Healthcare Executives (AFHE)
Buckeyes for Public Health (B4PH)
Centering Community Health Council (CCHC)
College Diabetes Network (CDN)
Multicultural Public Health Student Association (MPHSA)
Society of Public Health Students (SPHS)
Student Ambassadors for Public Health  (SAPH)
Veterinary Public Health Club

(not all officially associated with the College, however students in Public Health programs are student leaders in these organizations)

Student Organization Descriptions

Association of Future Health Care Executives

The Association of Future Healthcare Executives (AFHE) at The Ohio State University is a professional organization for graduate students pursuing degrees in fields of study such as healthcare administration, public health, business, law and medicine.  Members are exposed to a vast array of events each semester including events that promote diversity awareness, community service, professional development and networking.  Visit their website to learn more.

 Buckeyes for Public Health (B4PH)

 B4PH is the undergraduate student organization for the College of Public Health. Its primary goal is to bring students together and provide them with professional development opportunities to facilitate success in the public health workforce. B4PH meets once every two weeks to plan events and build relationships with fellow students interested in the field. Visit their website to learn more.

2015-2016 Executive Board
Co-Presidents: Jamie Luster and Rachel Hardin
Treasurer: Alie Kaplan
Communications Chair: Hailey Figas
Outreach Chair: Rebecca Deuley
Event Planning Chair: Lexxus Brown

Centering Community Health Council (CCHC)

Purpose:To provide 10-15 low income Starling Pre K-8 School families with a foundation for building a strong healthy family through (1) regular health assessment, (2) health education and promotion (fitness and nutrition), and (3) social support in an effort to reduce risk of chronic diseases (i.e. heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, and diabetes) and lead to an increase in knowledge about healthy lifestyles and overall health status. To learn more, contact them at

College Diabetes Network (CDN)

The Colleges Diabetes Network (CDN) strives to empower and improve the lives of Ohio State students living with Type 1 diabetes through peer support and access to information and resources.  The CDN Executive Board includes the following:

·    Katie Thivener - President
·    Gabbi Rayo- Vice President
·    Matt Vermillion- Treasurer
·    Molly Duncan - Director of Communications

Multicultural Public Health Student Association (MPHSA)

MPHSA aims to assist public health and health administration students to become culturally competent through a multitude of educational and empowering activities that lead to  the overall enhancement of each student's public health knowledge and practice. Visit their website to learn more.

Advisor: Dawn Williams

Society of Public Health Students (SPHS)

SPHS is a graduate student-run organization for networking, collaborating, and promoting public health at Ohio State. While the group is currently inactive, interested students may contact the advisor to explore reactivating the group's status.

Advisor: Dawn Williams

Student Ambassadors for Public Health (SAPH)

SAPH was created to assist prospective students in learning more about the College of Public Health. Ambassadors also help with many College events such as orientation, Career Fairs, Open House/Information Sessions, and MHA interview days. SAPH helps with these annual events plus additional events within the College. SAPH is a group comprised of graduate and undergraduate students from the College of Public Health. The primary role of the ambassadors is to serve the college, acting as liaison to prospective and current students, as well as employers at special events.

Leadership Opportunities and Benefits
Simply serving as an ambassador is a leadership experience in and of itself. Ambassadors will hone their communication and presentation skills, develop relationships with faculty, staff and students across the college and university, and gain experience in event and program planning and management. For more information about SAPH, contact
Veterinary Public Health Club

Due to the growing importance of animal and human interactions and public health on a local and global scale, the club aims to increase public health awareness through lectures, wetlabs and tours that advocate participation in global and public health as well as increase understanding of the field. We also provide opportunities that encourage communication and networking between the veterinarians, public health officials, and students. Visit their website to learn more.

Green Buckeye Certified CEPH CAHME