Who Do I Contact for What?

Alumni Society and Special Events Coordinator – Contact for all things special events.

Caitlin E. Golec Hutchinson
281 Cunz Hall
Phone: 614-688-2173
hutchinson [dot] 332atosu [dot] edu

Business Manager – Contact for travel procedures, E-Requests including payment requests, supplies requests, reimbursements, and all things money related.

Rachel Lokai
370C Cunz Hall
Phone: (614)247-8483
lokai [dot] 10atosu [dot] edu

Communications Coordinator – Contact for support with promotion of division events, advertising support, and promotional materials. This includes submission of advertisements for the "Tuesday Times."

Steve Barrish
281 Cunz Hall
Phone: 614-292-0297
barrish [dot] 2atosu [dot] edu

Director of the Office of Academic Programs and Student Services – Contact for all things related to admissions, application processes, and advising.

Kynthia Droesch
100E Cunz Hall
Phone: 614-292-8350
droesch [dot] 4atosu [dot] edu

Division Coordinators – Contact for help scheduling meetings with faculty chairs and division specific questions.

Biostatistics: Joyce Burkholder, 614-247-6289, burkholder [dot] 38atosu [dot] edu

Epidemiology: Laura Curatti, 614-247-8916, curatti [dot] 4atosu [dot] edu

Environmental Health Services: Christy McLeod, 614-688-4388, mcleod [dot] 53atosu [dot] edu  

Health Behavior and Health Promotion: Liz McGory, 614-292-4685, mcgory [dot] 9atosu [dot] edu

Health Services Management and Policy: Elizabeth Hope, 614-292-9708, hope [dot] 18atosu [dot] edu


Executive Assistant to Associate Deans – Contact for scheduling meetings with the Associate Deans.

Mindy Freed
250 Cunz Hall
Phone: 614-292-4475
freed [dot] 28atosu [dot] edu

Facilities – Contact for facilities and space reservations and emergency and safety information.

CPH-Facilitiesatosu [dot] edu

Human Resources Generalist – Contact for all things human resources related, i.e. – E- timesheet, E-Leave, pay related questions, etc.

CPH-HRatosu [dot] edu

IT Services/OCIO – Contact for all things technical support and service (i.e.- computer, phone, email, etc.)

360 Cunz Hall
Phone: 614-688-4357 (HELP)
ITServiceDeskatosu [dot] edu

Instructional Design Coordinator – Contact for all things related to course design, online learning, Canvas, and instruction design.

Margaret Murphy
Phone: 614-292-2303
murphy [dot] 1527atosu [dot] edu

Web Development Specialist – Contact for all things related to college websites.

Felicia Mehl
262 Cunz Hall
Phone: (614) 247-1861
mehl [dot] 62atosu [dot] edu

Go to https://cph.osu.edu/people for a full list description of college staff and faculty.