Who Do I Contact for What?

Media Inquiries
Misti Crane
Director, Strategic Marketing and Communications
254 Cunz Hall
Phone: 614-292-3739
crane [dot] 11atosu [dot] edu

Alumni Society
Emilie Zion
Program Manager
Health Services Management and Policy (HSMP) Alumni Engagement
zion [dot] 10atosu [dot] edu

Business Manager
Scot Erbe, Interim Business Manager
300C Cunz Hall
erbe [dot] 7atosu [dot] edu

Director of the Office of Academic Programs and Student Services
Kynthia Droesch
100E Cunz Hall
Phone: 614-292-8350
droesch [dot] 4atosu [dot] edu

Division Coordinators
Biostatistics: Isatou Njie, njie [dot] 10atosu [dot] edu
Epidemiology: Karen Reider, reider [dot] 40atosu [dot] edu
Environmental Health Sciences: Joy Snow, snow [dot] 256atosu [dot] edu
Health Behavior and Health Promotion: Hannah Wagner, wagner [dot] 1257atosu [dot] edu
Health Services Management and Policy

Executive Assistant to the Dean Fairchild
Mindy Freed
250 Cunz Hall
Phone: 614-292-4475
freed [dot] 28atosu [dot] edu

Instructional Design Coordinator
Margaret DiMaria
CPH-Distanceeducationatosu [dot] edu

Digital Accessibility Coordinator
Felicia Mehl
mehl [dot] 62atosu [dot] edu
Request Digital Accessibility Accommodation

Facilities Manager and Lab Compliance Officer
Scot Erbe
300C Cunz Hall
erbe [dot] 7atosu [dot] edu
CPH-Facilitiesatosu [dot] edu

HR Consultant
Steven Mentz
HR Consultant
mentz [dot] 3atosu [dot] edu
HRConnectionatosu [dot] edu

Office of Technology and Digital Innovation (OTDI) IT Help and Support
360 Cunz Hall
Phone: 614-688-4357 (HELP)
servicedeskatosu [dot] edu

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