Graduate Programs

Impact the community, change the world
 as a graduate student in the College of Public Health

MPHThe Master of Public Health (MPH) is the core professional degree recognized throughout the world for public health practice, both in the public sector and in emerging private sector careers related to population health.



MHAThe Masters in Health Administration (MHA) degree program at Ohio State prepares students for management and policy positions in health services careers. The education you receive will contribute to improving health care through instruction and practical experiences focusing on effective management of health care institutions.


MSThe Master of Science (MS) degree is intended for students whose interest is in the academic subject matter of the field rather than in professional practice.  It is a natural entry point for many students who will eventually continue for the PhD.  Because of this orientation, the emphasis in the MS degree program is on building a strong foundation in a particular specialty field, along with the research methods important in that field. 


PhDThe Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree requires a significant program of study and research that qualifies the recipient to work independently and contribute to the advancement of the field of knowledge.  Thus, the emphasis is on mastery of the field and particularly on the acquisition of research skills as a basis for original work. 


Dual DegreeThe College offers a number of degree options that allow students to supplement their public health coursework with more focused, interdisciplinary study from another department. By pursuing a dual or combined degree, students have the opportunity to earn both degrees in a shorter amount of time than they would independently, due to the fact that some required coursework can be shared.


GISGHThe Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Global Health (GISGH) is an opportunity for students to complement an existing Specialization within the College of Public Health. 


MinorsThe Graduate minor in Public Health Behavior and Promotion is intended to complement applicable PhD and Master’s degree majors across Ohio State University to provide students with fundamental knowledge about public health behavior and health promotion and the related skills and approaches necessary to plan, implement, and evaluate health-related programs.


MinorsGraduate certificates in Global One Health and Environmental Public Health Risk Assessment are intended to provide education and training to augment the scope and depth of the respective curricula for students pursuing an applicable graduate or professional degree by adding courses and content via an academic graduate certificate program; as well as enhance specialized expertise of working professionals who already hold an applicable undergraduate, graduate or professional degree by adding courses and content via an academic graduate certificate program.