Graduate Programs


Master of Public Health

The core professional degree recognized throughout the world for public health practice, both in the public sector and in emerging private sector careers related to population health. Ohio State offers eight distinct specializations to focus your professional goals.

Master of Health Administration

Guided by our student-centered mission, you’ll learn the fundamentals of high-quality health care delivery and put it into practice through meaningful experiences to become a leader who helps build healthier communities.

Master of Science

Build a strong foundation in a public health specialty along with the research methods important in that field. A natural entry point for those interested in academic subject matter and who will continue to doctoral studies.

Doctor of Philosophy

Develop mastery of your field through a significant program of study and research that contributes to advancement of the field of knowledge. Ohio State’s doctoral program has five areas to study public health.

Dual/Combined degrees

Supplement your public health coursework with focused, interdisciplinary study from another department or college to earn two degrees. The college supports 12 dual or combined programs throughout Ohio State.

Graduate certificates

Environmental Public Health Risk Assessment

Gain the knowledge and skills applicable to exposure hazard assessment and disease risk assessments involving environmental and occupational toxic chemical and infectious microbial agents.

Global One Health

To more efficiently and effectively achieve the best health outcomes for people, animals and the environment, develop your expertise in the surveillance, prevention, mitigation and intervention strategies that promote a healthy world.

Health Services Research

Get equipped with the tools to conduct and interpret reliable research that addresses costs, access to and quality of health care as well as the processes and outcomes of health services and policies.

Graduate minors

Public Health Behavior and Promotion

A great complement to applicable PhD and Master’s students to learn the fundamental knowledge about public health behavior and health promotion and the related skills and approaches necessary to plan, implement and evaluate health-related programs.

Graduate interdisciplinary specializations

Obesity Science

Obesity Science teaches students how to address this epidemic from biological, psychological, social and relational perspectives. Learn the foundational knowledge and skills needed in basic science, prevention science, community interventions and clinical treatments.

Global Health

Global Health provides graduate and professional students access to interdisciplinary study in global health issues and the opportunity to gain specific expertise in the unique challenges of health care in the developing world and among immigrant populations.