Student Organizations

three college students painting a kids' playhouse.

Student organizations at the College of Public Health promote awareness and understanding about the field of public health through campus and community events, the development of future health care leaders and community service. Whether you're looking for a graduate or undergraduate organization, each provide the opportunity for leadership, community involvement, service, education, fellowship, diversity, growth and a healthier lifestyle.

Ohio State has more than 1,400 student organizations that offer a wide range of ways to get involved as graduate or undergraduate students. Find more student organizations to build your public health experience.

Graduate and professional student organizations

Association for Future Healthcare Executives

A professional organization for graduate students pursuing healthcare administration, public health, business, law and medicine. Events planned each semester promote diversity awareness, community service, professional development and networking.

Public Health Graduate Student Association

Provides networking, service, philanthropy and educational events for graduate students interested in public health. Meet students in different divisions of the college, learn about faculty research, network with students and professionals, and more.

Public Health and Preventative Medicine Interest Group

The Public Health and Preventative Medicine Interest Group enhances the Public Health and Medicine partnership through education, leadership and service.

Veterinary Public Health Club

Focus on the interface of humans and animals including relevant diseases, quality of life, health benefits and environmental issues. Take part in veterinary public health education and opportunities through interactive lectures, wet labs and tours.

Undergraduate student organizations

Buckeyes for Harm Reduction

Support those affected by the opioid crisis by advocating for harm reduction at the local, state and national levels. Provide students with harm reduction resources and advocate for public health reforms to prevent overdoses and increase well-being.

Buckeyes for Public Health

Empowers Ohio State students through opportunities for service, personal and professional development, and fellowship in the fields of local and global public health. It also connect students with interdisciplinary organizations to receive hands-on experiences in the field.

ENCompass: Empowering Neighborhoods of Columbus

EnCompass cultivates interdisciplinary undergraduate student leadership through volunteer experiences in the Columbus community that seeks to improve health by connecting residents with resources that address social determinants of health.

Multicultural Public Health Student Association

MPHSA aims to assist public health and health administration students to become culturally competent through educational and empowering activities that lead to the overall enhancement of each student’s public health knowledge and practice.

One Health Club

Increases awareness of the One Health approach – the intersection of human health, animal health and their shared environment – crucial for disease prevention. Students collaborate across human and animal medicine within medical, veterinary and public health.

Public Health Student Leadership Council

A student group representing many public health student organization across campus. The council is committed to foster collaboration by connecting organizations, students and faculty involved with public health.

Student Advocates for Sexual Health Awareness

Educates students about sexual health in all its forms. Realistic sexual health is interdisciplinary and includes healthy relationships, methods of protection, and STI awareness, gender equality, and body acceptance.

Universal Health Aid Columbus

UHA Columbus is an innovative and progressive organization dedicated to improving universal health through preventive medicine, health education and leadership development.