College of Public Health Directory

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Photo Name Title Division
Naomi Adaniya, PhD Adaniya, Naomi Adjunct Assistant Professor
Olorunfemi Adetona, PhD Adetona, Olorunfemi Associate Professor
Aly, Reem Lecturer
Barbara L. Andersen, PhD Andersen, Barbara Professor
Sarah E. Anderson, PhD Anderson, Sarah E. Professor
Anderson, Tamika Research Associate
Rebecca Andridge, PhD Andridge, Rebecca R. Associate Professor
Kellie Archer Archer, Kellie J. Chair and Professor
Andréia Arruda, DVM, PhD Arruda, Andreia Assistant Professor
Gia Barboza-Salerno smiling Barboza-Salerno, Gia Assistant Professor, joint appointment, College of Social Work
Nicholas Basta, PhD Basta, Nicholas Professor
Jennifer Beard Beard, Jennifer Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives
Martha Belury, PhD Belury, Martha Professor
Bergman, Andrew Adjunct Assistant Professor
Micah Berman, JD Berman, Micah Associate Professor; Joint Appointment, College of Law
Amanda M. Berrian Berrian, Amanda M. Assistant Professor; Associate Director, Veterinary Public Health Program
JOJO Beyene Beyene, JOJO BSPH Senior Academic Advisor
Philip Binkley, MPH, MD Binkley, Philip Professor
Michael Bisesi, PhD Bisesi, Michael S. Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Academic Administration and Professor, Interim Chair
Robin Blair-Ackison Blair-Ackison, Robin Program Manager
Marta Bornstein Bornstein, Marta Post Doctoral Scholar
Julie K. Bower, PhD, MPH, FAHA Bower, Julie Adjunct Assistant Professor
Andrew Bowman, DVM, PhD Bowman, Andrew Associate Professor
Theodore M. Brasky, PhD Brasky, Theodore Assistant Professor
Marielle C. Brinkman Brinkman, Marielle Research Professor
Guy Brock, PhD Brock, Guy Research Associate Professor
Morgan Brown Brown, Morgan IRB Protocol Analyst
Bryant, Ian Research Associate
R.J. Caswell, PhD Caswell, Robert.J. Associate Professor Emeritus
Alan Channing Channing, Alan Adjunct Assistant Professor
Deena Chisolm, PhD Chisolm, Deena Professor
Hyunyi Cho, PhD Cho, Hyunyi Professor
Clark, Brenda Adjunct Assistant Professor
Steve Clinton, MD, PhD Clinton, Steve Professor
Cynthia Colen, PhD Colen, Cynthia Associate Professor
Jennifer Cooper headshot Cooper, Jennifer Research Assistant Professor
Sarah Cooper, MPH Cooper, Sarah Program Manager
Misti Crane, MPH-PEP Crane, Misti Director, Strategic Communications and Marketing
John "Mac" Crawford, PhD Crawford, John 'Mac' Adjunct Associate Professor
Douglas Crews, PhD headshot Crews, Douglas Professor
Cui, Kexin Research Associate 1
Helene Cweren Cweren, Helene MHA Student and Career Services Program Manager
Karen Dannemiller, PhD Dannemiller, Karen Associate Professor
Valerie Delmonico Delmonico, Valerie Director of Research Administrative Services
Margaret DiMaria. M.Ed. DiMaria, Margaret Instructional Design Coordinator
Aram Dobalian Dobalian, Aram Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Professor and Division Chair
Dodson, Shelly Contact Tracer
Macarius Donneyong, PhD, MPH Donneyong, Macarius Assistant Professor
Kynthia Droesch Droesch, Kynthia Senior Director
Duquerette, Sorailla Program Assistant
Ahmad El-Hellani, PhD headshot El-Hellani, Ahmad Assistant Professor
Elle Elson Elson, Elle Research Associate
Enderle, Madison Data Research Manager
Scot Erbe Erbe, Scot Facilities Manager and Lab Compliance Officer
Aldenise Ewing, PhD, MPH, CPH Ewing, Aldenise Assistant Professor
Amy L. Fairchild, PhD, MPH Fairchild, Amy L. Dean and Professor, College of Public Health
Julia Farkas, BA Farkas, Julia Office Associate
Ashley Felix, PhD Felix, Ashley Associate Professor, Co-Director, Undergraduate Honors Program
Amy Ferketich, PhD Ferketich, Amy K. Professor, Interim Co-Chair
Soledad Fernández, PhD Fernández, Soledad Research Professor
Aaron Fields Fields, Aaron Lecturer, HSMP 7631: Strategic Management & Program Development
Wilson Figueroa, PhD Figueroa, Wilson Research Scientist
Jennifer Fillinger Fillinger, Jennifer Sr. Grants & Contracts Specialist
Fisher, James Adjunct Associate Professor
Fleshman, Clint Program Manager
Jennifer Forsberg Forsberg, Jennifer Fiscal Associate
Fraley, Reed Executive-In-Residence
Lisa Frazier Frazier, Lisa Research Specialist
Freed, Melinda Executive Assistant to the Dean
Maria Gallo, PhD Gallo, Maria Associate Dean of Research, Professor
Sydney Galusha Galusha, Sydney Student Research Assistant
Rebecca Garabed, VMD, PhD Garabed, Rebecca B. Associate Professor
Andrea Garringer headshot Garringer, Andrea Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration and Chief Administrative Officer
Wondwossen Gebreyes, DVM, PhD Gebreyes, Wondwossen A. Professor of Molecular Epidemiology
Gibson, Gregory Adjunct Assistant Professor
Melissa Gilliam, MD Gilliam, Melissa Provost and Executive Vice President, The Ohio State University, Courtesy Faculty, Division of Epidemiology
Allison Glasser Glasser, Allison Program Manager
Kymberly Gowdy Gowdy, Kymberly Associate Professor
Grace, Terrence Clinical Research Assistant
Gray, Deborah Adjunct Assistant Professor - Practice
Ivana Grozdic Grozdic, Ivana Program Coordinator, Veterinary Public Health Program
Wes Grunden Grunden, Wes Assistant Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions
Bobbie Hall Hall, Bobbie Clinical Research Assistant
Randall Harris, MD, PhD Harris, Randall E. Professor
Rachel Haugk Haugk, Rachel Donor Experience Consultant
William D. Hayes Hayes, William Adjunct Assistant Professor
Courtney L. Hebert, MD Hebert, Courtney L. Associate Professor
Jennifer Hefner, PhD Hefner, Jennifer Associate Professor
Samantha Hicks Hicks, Samantha Executive Assistant, Dean's Office
Alice Hinton Hinton, Alice Clinical Research Data Manager
Hoang, Libbey Lecturer
Armando Hoet, PhD, DVM Hoet, Armando Professor
C. Tory H. Hogan, PhD Hogan, C. Tory Harper Assistant Professor
Darryl B. Hood, PhD Hood, Darryl B. Dean’s Fellow for Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence, Professor
Hood, Taylor Research Assistant
Timothy R. Huerta, PhD Huerta, Timothy Professor
Amie Hufton Hufton, Amie Associate Professor - Practice
Ayaz Hyder, PhD Hyder, Ayaz Assistant Professor, Core Faculty, Translational Data Analytics
Motomu Ibaraki Ibaraki, Motomu Associate Professor
Marian Moser Jones, PhD, MPH Jones, Marian Moser Associate Professor
Karale, Yogita Post Doctoral Scholar
Mira Katz, PhD Katz, Mira Professor
Gail Kaye, PhD Kaye, Gail Professor, Clinical Public Health, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Assessment
Sarah Keim, PhD Keim, Sarah A. Associate Professor
Kelly Kelleher, MD, PhD Kelleher, Kelly Professor
Brittney Keller-Hamilton Keller-Hamilton, Brittney Assistant Professor
Eben Kenah, PhD Kenah, Eben Associate Professor
Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice Professor
Taylor Boyles King Boyles, Taylor Senior Director of Development
Colin Klaus, PhD Klaus, Colin Post Doctoral Scholar
Mark Klebanoff Klebanoff, Mark A. Professor Emeritus
Liz Klein, PhD, MPH Klein, Liz Chair and Professor
David Kline, PhD Kline, David Assistant Professor
Jen Knisley Knisley, Jen Sr. Grants & Contracts Specialist
Dr. Knobloch in front of the College of Public Health (Cunz Hall) Knobloch, Thomas Associate Professor – Practice, Comprehensive Cancer Center – Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention Program, Center for Advanced Function Foods & Entrepreneurship – Food Innovation Center, OSU COVID19 Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Team (CICTT)
Brandon Koch, PhD Koch, Brandon Assistant Professor
Barbara Kowalcyk Kowalcyk, Barbara Assistant Professor
Krantz, Maria Program Assistant
Hillary Kummer Kummer, Hillary Lecturer
Kathryn Lancaster, PhD, MPH Lancaster, Kathryn Associate Professor
Roman Lanno, PhD Lanno, Roman Associate Professor
Lee, Cheonghoon Senior Research Associate
Clara Lee, MD Lee, Clara Associate Professor
Jiyoung Lee, PhD Lee, Jiyoung Professor
Stanley Lemeshow, PhD Lemeshow, Stanley Professor
Jonathan Leopold Leopold, Jonathan Student Research Assistant
Lewie, Ella Evaluation Associate
Crystal Lewis Lewis, Crystal Public Health Law and Policy Analyst
Jianrong Li, PhD Li, Jianrong Professor
Yiting Li Li, Yiting Senior Research Consulting Statistician
Linder, Richard Lecturer
Loebs, Stephen F. Professor Emeritus
Teresa Long, MD, MPH Long, Teresa Special Advisor - Community Engagement and Partnership
Ashleigh LoVette in front of Thompson Library LoVette, Ashleigh Assistant Professor
Bo Lu, PhD Lu, Bo Professor
Courtney Lynch, PhD, MPH Lynch, Courtney Associate Professor
Magni, Mallory Project Coordinator
Malone, Amy Human Resources Business Partner
William J. Martin II, MD Martin, II, William Professor Emeritus
Matthews, Amiah Research Assistant
Mayers, Elizabeth Program Manager
Ann McAlearney, ScD McAlearney, Ann Professor
Diane McClure McClure, Diane Adjunct Assistant Professor
McDowell, Renee Program Manager
Lara McKenzie, PhD, MA McKenzie, Lara Associate Professor
Meade, Caitie Clinical Research Coordinator
Felicia Mehl Mehl, Felicia Web Development Specialist
Mekhjian, Hagop Professor Emeritus
Steven Mentz Mentz, Steven HR Consultant
Mereb, Muhammad Lecturer
Carla Miller, PhD Miller, Carla Professor
William C. Miller, MD, PhD, MPH Miller, William C. Professor
William Miser Miser, William Professor
Kristen Mitchell Mitchell, Kristen Communications Consultant
Courtni Montgomery Montgomery, Courtni Research Associate
Ethan Morgan Morgan, Ethan Assistant Professor
Mori, Kellie Research Assistant
Anna Muraveva Muraveva, Anna Research Associate
Muzyczka, Kelly Program Manager
H. N. (Raj) Nagaraja, PhD Nagaraja, Haikady N. Professor Emeritus
Jimmy Nash Nash, Jimmy Research Associate
Saira Nawaz, PhD, MPH Nawaz, Saira Assistant Professor
Cathy Neal in her office with Ohio State poster in background Neal, Cathy Field Manager
Julianna Nemeth, PhD, MA Nemeth, Julianna Assistant Professor
Andy Ai Ni, PhD Ni, Andy Ai Assistant Professor
Isatou Njie Njie, Isatou Administrative Assistant - Temporary Hires Support
Noel-London, Kemba Social Epidemiologist - Clinical Research Coordinator
Abigail Turner, PhD Norris Turner, Abigail Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Inclusive Excellence, Professor
Alison Norris, MD, PhD Norris, Alison Associate Professor; Joint Appointment, College of Medicine/Infectious Diseases, Interim Co-Chair
Nowack, Joshua Lecturer
James Odei, PhD Odei, James Assistant Professor - Clinical
Tasleem Padamsee, PhD Padamsee, Tasleem Assistant Professor
Xueliang (Jeff) Pan, PhD Pan, Xueliang Assistant Professor - Clinical
Efthimios Parasidis, JD Parasidis, Efthimios Professor
Kelsie Parker standing near fountain wearing mask Parker, Kelsie Research Assistant 2
Parrott, Lynne Lecturer
Jeffrey Parvin, MD, PhD Parvin, Jeffrey Professor
Electra D. Paskett, PhD Paskett, Electra Professor, Marion N. Rowley Chair in Cancer Research
Patel, Devki Research Assistant
Joanne Patterson headshot Patterson, Joanne Assistant Professor
Marika Haritos Paul headshot Paul, Marika Haritos Clinical Assistant Professor; MHA Program Director
Timothy Pawlik, MD Pawlik, Timothy Professor and Chair
Michael Pennell, PhD Pennell, Michael Associate Professor
Phyllis Pirie, PhD Pirie, Phyllis Professor Emeritus
Piscalko, Hannah Research Associate
Jesse Plascak Plascak, Jesse Assistant Professor
Laura Pomeroy, PhD Pomeroy, Laura Assistant Professor, Co-Director, Undergraduate Honors Program
Janet Porter, MHA, MBA, PhD Porter, Janet Adjunct Professor
Quam, Mikkel Assistant Professor - Practice
Redoutey, Lindsey Research Assistant 1-Social
Reider, Carson Adjunct Assistant Professor
Reider, Karen Administrative Assistant - Purchase and Travel Support
Paul L. Reiter, PhD, MPH Reiter, Paul Professor
Grzegorz A. Rempala, PhD Rempala, Grzegorz A. Professor
Sheldon Retchin, MD, MSPH Retchin, Sheldon Professor
JaNelle Ricks, DrPH, MPA Ricks, JaNelle Assistant Professor
Trisha Ritter Ritter, Trisha Senior Academic Advisor
Julie Robbins, PhD Robbins, Julie Associate Professor - Clinical
Megan E. Roberts, PhD Roberts, Megan Assistant Professor
Mysheika Williams Roberts, MD, MPH Roberts, Mysheika Adjunct Assistant Professor
Anthony Rodriguez Rodriguez, Anthony Senior Marketing Strategist
Lynette Rogers, PhD Rogers, Lynette Professor
Paul Rosile, PhD, MPH, REHS Rosile, Paul Associate Professor of Public Health Practice
Wolfgang Sadee, PhD Sadee, Wolfgang Professor
Pamela Salsberry, PhD, RN, FAAN Salsberry, Pamela Professor Emeritus
Patrick Schnell, PhD Schnell, Patrick Assistant Professor
Schrock, Richard Adjunct Instructor
Fernanda Schumacher headshot Schumacher, Fernanda Assistant Professor
Sharon Schweikhart, PhD Schweikhart, Sharon Associate Professor
Shawnita Sealy-Jefferson, PhD, MPH Sealy-Jefferson, Shawnita Associate Professor
Eric Seiber, PhD Seiber, Eric Professor; Director of the Center for HOPES
Peter Shields, MD Shields, Peter Deputy Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center and Professor
Abigail Shoben, PhD Shoben, Abigail B. Associate Professor
Parvati Singh, PhD, MPA Singh, Parvati Assistant Professor
Jonathan Slaughter, MD, MPH Slaughter, Jonathan Associate Professor
Carol Smathers, MS, MPH Smathers, Carol Associate Professor
Smith, Merry Clinical Research Assistant
Mikaela Smith, PhD headshot Smith, Mikaela Research Scientist
Snow, Joy Administrative Assistant - Admissions and Graduate Associate/Fellow Support
Elizabeth Solinger headshot Solinger, Elizabeth Resource Planning Analyst
Min-Ae Song, PhD Song, Min-Ae Assistant Professor
Morgan Spahnie Spahnie, Morgan Center Operations Manager
Stentz, Terry Adjunct Associate Professor
Jason Stull, DVM, PhD Stull, Jason Assistant Professor
Qinghua Sun, MD, PhD Sun, Qinghua Professor Emeritus
Swidarski, Katherine Lecturer
Fred Tabung, PhD, MSPH Tabung, Fred Assistant Professor
Sandra Tanenbaum, PhD Tanenbaum, Sandra J. Professor Emeritus
Todd Thobe Thobe, Todd Director of Student Services
Joseph H. Tien, PhD Tien, Joseph Associate Professor
Anne Trinh Trinh, Anne Senior Program Manager, Addiction Innovation Fund, Evaluator and Community Engagement Specialist, The Center for HOPES
Lisa Van Dyke Van Dyke, Lisa Resource Planning Analyst
Kartik Kailas Venkatesh, MD, PhD Venkatesh, Kartik Kailas Assistant Professor
Hannah Wagner Wagner, Hannah Administrative Assistant - Administrative and Events Support
Lorraine Wallace Wallace, Lorraine Associate Professor
Qi-En Wang Wang, Qi-En Associate Professor
Shu-Hua Wang, MPH, TM, MD Wang, Shu-Hua Professor
Andrew Wapner, DO, MPH Wapner, Andrew Assistant Professor - Clinical, Director, Center for Public Health Practice, Director, Master of Public Health Program for Experienced Professionals
Matthew Wascher Wascher, Matthew Assistant Professor - Practice
Linda Weavers, PhD Weavers, Linda Professor
Christopher M. Weghorst, PhD Weghorst, Christopher M. Professor Emeritus
Lai Wei, PhD Wei, Lai Research Assistant Professor
Mark Weir Weir, Mark Associate Professor of Risk Analysis, Core Faculty - Ohio State Sustainability Institute, Senior Lecturer - College of Medicine, Griffith University, Director - Ecology Epidemiology and Population Health Program, Infectious Disease Institute
Amy Wermert Wermert, Amy Program Manager
Mary Ellen Wewers, PhD, MPH Wewers, Mary Ellen Professor Emerita
Thomas Wickizer, PhD Wickizer, Thomas M. Professor Emeritus
John Wilkins III, DrPH Wilkins, John R. Professor Emeritus
Dawn Williams Williams, Dawn Assistant Director of Practice Education and Career Services
Jeffrey J. Wing, PhD Wing, Jeffrey J. Assistant Professor
Dawnne Wise Wise, Dawnne MPH-PEP Student and Program Manager
Thomas Wittum, PhD Wittum, Thomas E. Professor
Wright, Anyssa Research Assistant
Wu, Chieh-Ming Post Doctoral Scholar
Huiyun Xiang, PhD, MPH, MD Xiang, Huiyun Professor
Wendy Yi Xu, PhD Xu, Yi (Wendy) Associate Professor
Jingzhen (Ginger) Yang, PhD, MD Yang, Jingzhen (Ginger) Professor
Yarnell, Sam Program Assistant
Yen, Po-Yin Research Assistant Professor
Lianbo Yu, PhD Yu, Lianbo Research Assistant Professor
Lauren Zappe headshot Zappe, Lauren Coordinator – Grant Funds
Zhang, Net Report and Analytics Analyst
Motao Zhu, MD, MS, PhD Zhu, Motao Professor
Emilie Zion Zion, Emilie Program Manager, HSMP Alumni Engagement