Public Health Buckeyes

Alicia Murphy’s interest in clean drinking water drives her focus on environmental health science

Alicia Murphy, MPH, Environmental Health Science

Alicia Murphy aims to apply her research skills and knowledge to a career focused on improving drinking water regulations.

A psychiatric epidemiologist, Singh studies the impact of discrimination on mental health.

Parvati Singh, assistant professor of epidemiology

Assistant Professor Parvati Singh studies how sudden changes in the socioeconomic and health policy environment affect population mental health. 

BSPH student supports pregnant people before, during and after childbirth

Summernickol Stewart, BSPH

Summernickol Stewart puts her passion for reproductive justice into practice through her work as a birth and postpartum doula.

Public health combines Maraki Wondwossen’s passion for community, health and serving others

Maraki Wondwossen, BSPH, Public Health Sociology

Maraki Wondwossen wants to work toward closing gaps in racial health disparities and advance health equity across ZIP codes.

Public Health Sociology student focused on public service, harm reduction

Cameron McCullough, BSPH, Public Health Sociology

Cameron McCullough is passionate about breaking barriers associated with the social determinants of health

Professor focused on resiliency to eliminate sexual, mental health disparities

Ashleigh LoVette, assistant professor of health behavior and health promotion

Assistant Professor Ashleigh LoVette is focused on supporting young people facing adversity as a community-engaged scholar.

Driven by passion for health education, awareness

Nawaf Alnuwaysir, MPH, Epidemiology

Nawaf Alnuwaysir is passionate about understanding the prevalence and impact of cardiovascular disease in Saudi Arabia.

Exploring burdens patients face navigating health care system

Rachel Mason, PhD, Health Services Management and Policy

Rachel Mason's passion for addressing health disparities and enthusiasm for interdisciplinary studies drives her research on health care challenges.