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Student Forms

Graduate Student Forms

Many graduate student forms are found in Appendix J of the CPH Graduate Student Handbook. The following forms are found in Appendix J:

  • Request to change faculty advisor 
  • Request to add or remove a member of PhD Advisory Committee
  • Doctoral Candidacy Examination Checklist (by Division)
  • Elective Approval Petition
  • Petition for course waiver or substitution
  • PhD Curriculum approval and plan (for Epidemiology, Health Behavior & Health Promotion, Health Services Management & Policy)
  • PhD Curriculum approval and plan for Interdisciplinary PhD in Biostatistics - Public Health
  • Request for change of specialization
  • Request for dual specializations for the Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • College of Public Health Request to Reactivate
  • Graduate School Reactivate Enrollment Eligibility form
  • Transfer of graduate credit request
  • MPH-Health Behavior and Health Promotion Track declaration form

Other Graduate Student Forms

Undergraduate Student Forms (including Honors forms)

Office of Academic Programs and Student Services

In support of the mission of the College of Public Health, The Office of Academic Programs and Student Services (OAPSS) in the College of Public Health through passionate, dedicated, and experienced professionals is committed to providing student centered academic advising, recruitment, career services, and success at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Office of Academic Programs and Student Services Advisory Committee
The purpose of the Student Advisory Committee is to provide a forum for student representatives to provide input and offer feedback on recruitment, marketing, admissions, student advising, student services, career services, graduation and alumni support and to provide recommendations concerning such these topics as well as share student feedback to the Director and Assistant Director of the Office of Academic Programs and Student Services.

The Student Advisory Committee is made up of undergraduate BSPH student representatives (in the major) and graduate student representatives.
Contact droesch [dot] 4atosu [dot] edu (Kynthia Droesch) or williams [dot] 3388atosu [dot] edu (Dawn Williams) for more information.

Student Resources

Resources for Students

Ohio State’s College of Public Health knows that mental health matters. Did you know there is a counselor embedded in Public Health? Chavonne Gaines, LPC is focused on the specific needs of Public Health students and is available for consultation to Public Health faculty and staff.


To be connected with Mental Health Services, the first step is to schedule a consultation at During that appointment Public Health students may express a preference to work with Chavonne. Students are also welcome to email gaines [dot] 234atosu [dot] edu (Chavonne) directly with any questions or concerns related to mental health or services at Ohio State.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are encouraged to consult with gaines [dot] 234atosu [dot] edu (Chavonne via email) For urgent consultation, call CCS directly at 614-292-5766 and request a call back from the first available clinician.

For more information about how Chavonne supports the College of Public Health